Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 6

Soilder: Quick Orro! Get out of there!
Orro: What? Am I main character now?
Solider: What? No, were being attacked and need all the help we can get... Just get out of there!

Solder: Gah! If only our armour actually protected us from blades and fire!

Orro: Hey guys! Now that I've rescued you can I be a main character?
Guin: Sure I don't see why not.
Orro: Yay!

Remus: So where is my sister?
Orro: Shes in the tower up ahead, I'll show you the way.

Silent bodyguard: *Hehe, surprise attack*

Orro: AHHHHH! MY flesh!

Guin: Oh my god Orro! Are you alright? Don't die! Your useful! I actually liked you!

Orro: At least... I... got to be a main.... character... *dies*

Guin: You son of a bitch... all he wanted was to be part of my epic tale! Your just mad cause he had more screen time then you did!

Silent Bodyguard: *Shut up! Once I kill you everyone will go back to loving the silent and unemotional characters!*

Silent Bodyguard: Urh....
Guin: Oh yeah, by the way... Turns out I can punch you so hard in the chest your heart stops... Guess you didn't know that.

Guin: Sucks to be you I guess.
Remus: Wow, he died surprisingly quickly.
Guin: God, I wish he had killed you instead of Orro.

Rinda: I just realised, I'm the captured princess in the tower aren't I? This is retarded.

Vanon: Hahaha! Now princess is time to defile you!

Rinda: Oh god.

Vanon: Yes that's right... Defiling you.... by drinking your blood!

Rinda: Oh thank god.

Guin: hey guys, what I miss?

Guin: Oh yeah, I knew all along, but Vanon is actually an evil spirit. And how do you kill evil spirits?

Remus: Quickly Guin! Jump into a large body of water!

Guin: No you idiot! With fire!

Vanon: Oh god... If my only weakness is fire, why do I have so many candles all over the place? Now Leopard guy... lets not do anything rash... I'm sure we can come to some sort of deal.

Vanon: F***

Guin: Huh, he exploded... Nice.

Guin: Now kids, I'm gonna level with you... This place is burning down so we need to jump off this tower and into the river below.
Rinda: Won't that kill us all?
Guin: Nah don't worry, I'll carry you down and take the force of the blow.

Guin: HAHA Suckers! You'll make excellent floatation devices when your dead!

What happened to the captain?

He died too. This show really likes killing characters off.

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