Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 1

Rinda: Oh wow.... I just had such a weird dream.

Rinda: Yo, Remus, wake up. I just had this weird dream that we starred in this Japanese cartoon... and like our whole city burned down and everyone we know and love died. Good to know it was just a dream.

Mongol Army (Not a joke): Lets burn this bitch to the ground!

Mongol Army: DAHAHA, take that rich cultural heritage!

Twins: Mother! Father! Were being attacked! How did an entire army on horseback take our entire city by surprise?

Mother: Don't ask stupid questions honey.

Twins: What are you doing? Come with us!
Mother: Don't worry children, we'll follow you shortly, but you must flee by yourselves.
Rinda: What? That's stupid, its not like we'll go any slower with you two with us.

Mother: Don't talk back you little harlot.

King: Bitch, are these even my kids?

Chamberlain: Don't worry kids, I'm sure they'll be fine.

*Dieing noises*

Mongol solider: Mongol Door smash technique!

Big Brother: Heroic save!

Big Brother: Don't worry, I'll hold them off while you two get away. No need to worry about me, I'm an epic character who will clearly get alot of screen time during this show

Big Brother: F*** an arrow!

Chamberlain: Good thing we've got this teleporter tower, or you kids would be royally screwed.

Chamberlain: Oh F*** I totally sent you to the wrong place. I hope you guys don't die... Good luck!

*Remus Crying*
Rinda: God, are you sure I'm the girl? Cause your a f***ing pussy.

Mongol solider: I hear whispering!

Rinda: Great, your pathetic whining has given us away to our enemy's, I can see your going to be really useful during this adventure.

Remus: Help! I got caught! Save me!

Rinda: Fine.

Guin: Ras...Buga.... Loud... Noises....

Mongol solider: Bitch Slap!

Guin: Arrreerrrr.... Noises..... Noises!

Guin: Loud noises go away!

Mongol soldiers: Holy shit!

Mongol Soldiers: Holy shit! He just punched his head into his chest!

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  1. I finished watching the series yesterday and it took me like two days to see it all (holydays are so great). I liked it a lot. Well, there's this so obvious times were you can tell they are quickening the story and fragments of the story or sidestories are lost, and then suddenly it turns to be "Naris Saga". Later I learned 16 novels were comprised into 26 episodes... great. Still, it was refresing, a bit of heroic fantasy without any japanese character roaming around (a few chinese, but it was ok). I hope maybe some day will see other novels adaptations? I want the second part! I want my Naris Saga!