Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 7

Big Brother: I swear that I'll free my country from the cruel reign of those mongol bastards...

Other guy: Yeah, no one thinks you can do that. You've had less screen time then Orro, and he actually died. Besides no one was even bothered to remember your name.
Big Brother: Yes they were, our audience is devout and listens to every detail.
Other guy: Ok, whats your name then?
Big Brother:.... Shut up.

Meanwhile back at the plot.
Istavan: I wish I could say not all my dates start like this.

Guin: Oh hey, its you. I see you got your own souvenir. Wait... How did you get down here?
Istavan: I... Huh... You know... I don't actually know?

Guin: And now we show off our swords for no reason at all

Guin: Oh hey, you guys are alive... And eating my food! What the hell!

And then they were on a boat.

Istavan: Yeah... I guess they call this the river of death or something (not a joke, some of them actually call it this), but I'm sure its nothing to worry about.

Guin: I am totally eating this, I don't even care if the waters polluted.


Guin: Oh no! Our emergency food supply!

Guin: That's are food you slimy git!

Random Lady: Huh... is that normal?

Amnelis (She'll be Amn from now on cause I'll never remember that): Quickly! To the fabulous castle!

Count: Its good to see you General, who is also our princess, who is also a bitch.
Amn: What was that last on?
Count:.... That your a princess?

Amn: I saw something odd going down the river. They looked like a party of adventures from some fantasy game, or the main characters for an anime... I want them caught! If I can't be the main character no one can!

Back at the boat everything is fine.

New Captain: Surrender or we'll shoot you!
Guin: Wow, I'm having Deja vu.

Istavan: Don't worry, I can handle this. What if we don't surrender!

Istavan: Whoa! Not cool!

Rinda: Oh yes, because being shot at wasn't enough, now were going to be eaten.
Guin: Nuts to that!

Guin: I'm going fishing.

Guin: Ah! Some big monster thing is stealing my fish!

Istavan: Well, at least now we can make a clean get away.

Istavan: F***!

New Captain: Oh wow, they got owned.

Later on.
Istavan: Ok... that wasn't great... but on the plus side were on the other side of the river, so we should be safe.

Amn: I don't want to hear your excuses!
New Captain: I didn't say anything yet... Anyway I think the twins were the heirs were looking for.
Amn: Well, your too stupid to catch them, so I'll just set my mage on them!
New captain: But hes not that kind of mage! Hes a diviner!

Mage: It will be cloudy tomorrow.... It might rain.... probably not.

Later that night at the hero's campsite.

Remus: Oh wow, these are really tasty!

Istavan: Seriously? You think baked fruit is tasty?
Rinda: Back at home we tended to starve Remus, so he's never eaten much.

In a surprise plot point Suni makes random noises that means she wants to take them back to her tribe as thanks.

Istavan: Oh great... A whole tribe of monkeys that make random noises... I'm sure that wont get annoying at all.

This episode was brought to you by the ruler of Mongol, the Archduke Vlad.

Vlad: Sup.

All hail Mongol!

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