Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Cruel World

Well reader, I’ve gone from enraged over a pointless topic to complete depression on a subject that matters.

Have you ever travelled to another country, found some sort of food there and realised its beautiful? But then you return to your native land and to your horror learn that you cannot get this thing you desire so badly. Now a couple of years ago when I was much younger this was a more... real problem because back in those days if there was some sort of great foreign food you were basically never getting ever again. These days however most things have opened up to the global market, so if you have some serious cravings you can probably find what you’re looking for.

But to everyone’s horror there is a second and far more cruel level of this. Somewhere out there, someone can make your favourite food taste better. But reader, that someplace is not near you... that place is far far away...

That place for me is Big Apple Donuts.

I saw this store while I was in Penang, and fascinated by its donuts which literally radiated colour I decided to investigate. Now I want you to look at some on offer:

I want you to be in no doubt reader, I would kill you if it meant I could get these again. They are beautiful and perfectly made, I have never had a donut quite like them... Even the well made sugar glossed donuts that are famous in America can’t even come close to how beautiful these things are.

There was no party in my mouth. There was a cultural revolution.

And now I wish to crush your hopes and dreams as mine have been crushed.

The nearest place you can get these is china.

It is primarily a Malaysian brand that’s jumped onto their recent fascination of western food, but what you need to understand is Malaysians can make food better then you can. I don’t care what you say, they’ve gotten better at it then you have. I hope that one day this will become a global super brand... just so that... I can taste the sky once more....

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