Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 14

Kogorr: Hahaha, Looks like I win.


Kogorr: I think I'll eat your moon as a desert... I know what your thinking... How does he keep that figure? Giant pinball machines. Try it sometime.

Julie: Heroman...

Kogorr: Oh wow, you looked pissed... We can't be having that.

Kogorr: So you go smashy!

Kogorr: Hahaha! Soon my spaceship will be finished! Then I'll crack your planet in two! Hahaha!

Julie: Ow... That really hurt.

Julie: Rooko! Your back!

Rooko:... Yeah... I'm kinda crippled... Look... you got to stop him... He'll only do this shit again.

Julie: But how could I-

Rooko: Look! This whole thing is retarded! Just make it up!

Kogorr: Oh wow, look at that. There trying so hard to stop me... You know, I think I see the nobility of your race now... Maybe we really can settle this without violence...

Kogorr: HAHAHAHA! Joking! You can tall it was a joke because it involved not killing you!

Kogorr: There's no one left to stop me! HAHAHAHA!

Kogorr: What the-? Your red now? What does that remind me of?...... Oh god! Kill it kill it kill it!

Kogorr:.... Urrrr.....

Julie:... I'm going to destroy you Kogorr, even if it means destroying myself!

Kogorr: No no no no no no!

Kogorr: Oh god! Its not dieing!


Julie: H-Heroman?

Kogorr:... Aww.... Isn't that cute-

Kogorr: Bitch slap!

Kogorr: HAHAHAHA! Now I'll drill your planet like I drilled your mother! HAHAHAHA!

Julie: Urgg.... How could this get worse?

Lina: Julie!


Lina: Don't worry Julie! You can beat him with the power of friendship!

Julie:.... What?
Lina: With your friends by your side you can become a true hero!

Julie:... Why are you doing this? I thought this anime was about growing up?

Holly: I like friendship... and crack.

Lina: Were all Heroes Julie!

Julie: But you guys have never been useful! I thought this anime was about becoming a man and taking on massive responsibility, who would suddenly turn the story around and make it about friendship!

Psh: Japan would.

Denton: Anyone order a friendship plot device?

Julie:.... I hate you guys so much....

*Heroman agrees*
Denton: Plot device! Activate!

Thor: Robot! Take my powers!

Kogorr: Well, I think I'm done, time to crack this open like a bitch!

Julie:... No.

Kogorr:.... What?

Kogorr: AHHH!
*Check Julie, she now has her hat of POWER!*

Kogorr: GRRRR! Take this! Lasers!

Kogorr:.... What?

Kogorr: Grah! Fine! Take my biggest laser! Destructo Beam!

Julie: Heroman!
Julie: O!
Julie: SPRAK!

Kogorr: WHAT!
Kogorr: THE!
Kogorr: F***!


Rooko: Its really over this time.... wait... That was the last spaceship...

Rooko: Oh god! I'm stuck on this planet forvever!

Julie: Wow, what a ride... So what are our chances of a season 2?

Psh: Well actully reasonably high.... But without Kogorr....

Psh: It'll suck.