Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lets Play Zoids Legacy

Rpg? Customizing gaint Robots? What could go wrong?

Lets see, first we have to name our main character.

She strikes me as a Kate, she’s a bit butch but I’m sure she has her charms. (I refuse to believe that is a guy, this didn’t used to get to me, but these days... yeah it does)

The hell is that?

"Time-space be tripping balls, yo!"

Oh no! Poorly animated giant robots!

"Planet Zi beyond the Galaxy"- What? That... That doesn't make any f***ing sense!

Kate: Holy shit, for a second there I thought I became the main character to a really bad game.

Kate: Sup, can I get a drink here?

Kate: ... What? I didn't ask for your f***ing life story, I asked if you had any drinks?


Kate: F*** this town.

Kate: Ah! What the hell are those! What sort of planet has wild giant robot bugs roaming the countryside?

Kate: AH! And why am I in a giant robot!

Kate: Ah! Where did you come from! What's going on?!

The bugs die and the women leaves.

Kate: I don't like this place!

Kate: Guess I'll check out this town?

ROBOT: Hello! Would you like to sign up for the zoid battles!

Kate: I guess I could use the money...

ROBOT: Error! You need a partner!

Kate: What? Can't I just do some small one on one fights first...?


kate: AHH! Ok!

Kate: Ah! You again! What do you want?

Mystery: Oooh... You have a nice necklace, if only I hadn't lost my memories...

Kate: Are you shitting me? Amnesia? No, f*** this noise... I'm selling my robot for crack.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 3

Protester: Oh, there's fighting going on over there... do you think we should leave?

Protester:Ahh! Why is he aiming at us!

Protester: Oh I see, he knew the terror bot was going to jump down here-

Protester: AHHH! My flesh!

Protester: What the hell! You just killed a whole bunch of people!

Saki: Sorry... My bad...

Red Hair: Well, looks like your on the news again... could you not destroy everything when you go on a mission?

Micheal: Now now, lets not fight, have some tea.

Saki:... Why the hell does this not have sugar in it? Do you want me to kick your ass?

Micheal: Jeeze, I'm sorry.

Mai: I'm so glad you guys could come! If you feel sleepy after drinking your wine, don't worry... it's perfectly natural.

Har: Ur... Ok?

Protester: Being drunk makes me kinda gay!

Har: Oh no, he's coming over here...

Saki: Uh, I hate awkward dinners.

Protester: Damn you, my friends died cause of you...

Saki: Look, can we just take this outside?

Protester: Alright... I'm gonna kick your ass.

Sak: I hope he's going to be alright.

Har: What could possibly happen?

*Gun shot*

Saki: Ur... I didn't do it.

Then he runs away, thus proving his innocence.

Mai: Oh no! I'm scared! Please take me home...

Har: *Ooh, I wonder if I'll get laid?*

Sak follows him, but trips.

Saki: Are you serious?

Sak: Thanks for hiding Saki Doctor.

Doctor: No problem, were old friends.

Sak: Huh, I didn't know Saki could have friends.

Doctor: Tea anyone?

Saki's sugar count *Ding* 2

Doctor: Hmm, according to this magic radio they found your finger prints on the gun, yet you say you never touched it? Strange, seems your being set up.

Meanwhile Sak practices her O face.

Much later on-

Sak: Quick, come with me...

Har: No! I don't want to meet your friend again! She did things to me!

Har: Ok, so Sak told me everything, here's a gun because your trust worthy.

Sak: Why do you have a gun?

Har: Are you serious? Were a mercenary company? I'm the presidents son? Why wouldn't I have a gun?

Norma: Not so fast... I'm here to earn my cash...

Omg, could it actually be? The token female is actually a back-stabbing bitch? She's not a cliche?

Sak: No don't! He's clearly innocent!

*Flash back*

Doctor: It's simple really, he can't shoot people.

Sak: What? But you just told me he killed like ton's of people during the war? And just this morning he killed like five people?

Doctor: Probably just an accident.

Sak: You've totally convinced me!

*Gun shot*

Micheal: Ow! Why did you shoot me?

Norma: I would never betray my friends!

Oh god damn it.

Norma: Clearly your the one behind all this!

Micheal: What? I'm just here to collect the reward! Why would you think I'm behind this! They even found his finger prints on the gun!

Norma: Ah ha! But our token black guy figured out your little trick!

Gar: *Beep* Yeah... He probably used the finger prints on the cup he gave to Saki... The cup was even in his locker...

Micheal: What? That's crazy! It's my cup! Of course it'd be in my locker! If your using that logic anyone could have set up Saki, I don't even have a motive!

Norma: Ah ha! You were probably just jealous that he gets paid more then you!

Micheal: What? There's lots of people who get paid more then me! Why would I single out Saki!

Micheal: You guys are crazy! I'm out of here!

Micheal: AH! F***! My leg!

Har: Nice shot Rudra!

Rudra: Ur.... Yeah! Cause... I was totally aiming for his leg! Not his head at all!

Saki: Take him away boy's... Oh yeah, while your here, could you get me the gun that was at the crime scene?

Cop: Why do you need it?

Saki: Oh its my gun.

Sak: Oh Saki.

Then everyone laughed.

Har: Hahaha... Wait, what?