Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 5

Istavan: *Ok man, think, you've gotten out of worse situations then this* Urr... I can't fight this guy... Cause hes hurt! And I am an honourable fighter!
Captain: Nice try asshole, but you still have to fight him.
Istavan: Shit.

Meanwhile outside the fort.
Figure 1: So when are we getting into this anime?
Figure 2: Around night fall.
Figure 1: God I cant wait, being an extra in an anime is the height of showbizness.

Vanon: Actually you guys... I had a big breakfast.... so I need to go... we'll do this later.
Silent Bodyguard: *I haven't gone to the toilet in weeks, why do they think I stand around doing nothing all the time?*

Istavan: *That's it man, look disappointed* Well... Lucky for you Guin... I would have kicked your ass.

Guin: I can crush a mans skull with my hand.

Orro: I just wanted to be a main character...
Solider: Look, we all want to be main characters, but you just can't jump the queue, there's an order to these things.

Orro: Oh hey guys! Can I be a main character now?
Solider: God damn it! What did I just tell you?

Solider: Well anyway, come on, its rape time.
Rinda: No no! Take Remus! Take Remus!

Guin: Ok Remus.... Now when your sister gets back she'll be a little different... But until then I need you to man up.
Remus: *Sniff* ok Guin... I'll... I'll try.
Guin: By the way, you got any cash?

Rinda: Well this sucks.

Rinda: Gah! Why is there a monkey in my room? What sort of prison is this?

Vanon: Shes totally gonna take her cloths off any second now... I just know it.

Guin: Ok Remus, since were room mates now I'm gonna lay down the ground rules... You are not allowed to talk. Ever.
Remus: But what if-
Guin: Ah! No! Nope. Not at all.

Istavan: Hey guys, I'm next door! Look I'm gonna talk alot here about me and when some prophet said something about me ruling a kingdom... But long story short I want your blanket, give it.

Guin: Here you can have Remus's.
Remus: Hey!

Rinda: Ok, so my names Rinda and your Suni right?
Suni: Suuunnnniii!
Rinda: *Excellent, now I will train this thing to be my attack dog, then I'll give Remus something to really cry about*

Soilder: What the hell? Monkey ninjas? That's stupid.

Soilder: AHH! Their surprisingly lethal!

Istavan: Good thing the guards didn't take my collection of toothpicks... Or any of my weapons for that matter.

Istavan: That's right people, I can whip the shit out of any wall.

Remus: Wait! Aren't you gonna rescue us too?
Guin: What did I say about talking?

Istavan: Hahaha! Are you kidding kid? I am gone. Come back when you grow a penis.

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