Friday, 25 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 12

Guin: Urrr.... Oh man... Where am I now?

Lagon Girl: Hey. Are you an evil spirit?

Guin: Do I look like an evil- No wait... Stupid question. *Think, there must be a way of earning their trust... I'll have to use all of my cunning...*

Guin: Hey! Find the strongest guy and tell him, I will kick his ass.

Marius: Alright, were being sent as the advanced guard since everyone else sucks.
Istavan: Did I mention I wasn't a spy?

Marius: Yes! God, shut up about that already.

Guin: Nice pad you guys got.

Guin: So you guys must be in charge, well your god sent me to guide you on your proper path... Even though I have no idea what the complexities of your faith are, I'm just gonna take some wild guess and hope you do what I say.

Old Man: No..... No...... I don't think you were sent by our god, Akura... So... No.

Doudou: Look, lets just kill this... thing and move on.

Lagon Girl: Aren't you gonna fight him?

Doudou: What? Why would I have to fight-

Guin: Oh, he won't cause hes scared. I mean back home they call me Leopard guy, you should call this guy Chicken guy... On the account he has no balls.

Doudou: GRRRR! I accept your challenge.

Guin: Hell yeah, this is gonna be so much fun.

Guin: Tiger Uppercut!

Doudou: Lagon headlock!

Guin: Gerrr! Panther Kick!

Doudou: Gah!

Doudou: Haha! I got you now!

Guin: Ah! My organs!

Guin: Gaahh- What the hell? Why is the shiny plot thing popping out of me?

Old man: Oh shit! He was sent by Akura!

Guin: Awesome, now you have to do what I say! Dahaha!

Marius: Ah! What the hell is this?

Istavan: Haha! I was a spy!

Marius: What? You were? You son of a-AAHHH!

This last scene is actually rather long, but its a very good scene and I didn't want to make fun of it too much. I really liked Marius, and the mongol side takes such a blow from his loss, none of the new characters come close to being as cool as he was... or frankly as interesting.

Its just another reason among many of why I dislike Istavan. I mean, he sucks so bad he had to cheat in order to kill Marius.... Weak.

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