Monday, 7 September 2009

Dark Forces Gathering

Reader I have been to the land of darkness and I know the signs all too well.

Doom shall fall upon us all!

I was minding my own business eating my dinner and watching some crap on Tv, when I saw a show called the cube coming up. Now I thought it meant the film, which I can’t actually remember what it was called, but instead I found out its some crappy game show. Now I’m not going to discuss what this game show was about, because to be honest with you I fled... I fled in fear for I had seen a servant of the dark ones.

Look upon her!

She is no human or machine! She is a crystal entity from the dark realms! How does she see? With her HORRIFIC mind powers! How does she play these menial games with such skills? With aid of her crystalian muscles which give her the strength and reactions of twelve people! You’ll be dead before you hit the floor!

Perhaps you are wondering then, if she’s so powerful why not crush us all now? Don’t you see! She is merely a scout! When she has collected enough resources she will build the Galgeis gate and summon forth her dark and terrible masters. The only problem is in order to gather the necessary resources they need money, and unfortunately our world does not trade in the dark coins they brought with them.

We know them as mints, and they consider it a great waste that we eat them.

Have I shattered your sense of reality reader? Do you fear for your very lives! Keep a look out, perhaps you have already seen other servants of the dark one? Don’t forget, they can look like anything and have abilities far greater than our own!

Amon! The bird of Death!

Lizard People!

Greed incarnet!

Zedds not a dark servant, I just wanted a picture of him because he always made me laugh.

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