Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 2

Mongol Solider: No no no! Not me, not me, not me!

Mongol Solider: Holy crap! He just punched him so hard into that tree it caught on fire?! Why aren't we running?!

And they all died expect one.

Remus: Oh my god... Its Tony the tiger!
Rinda: Hes got a Leopard head idiot.
Remus: Urr... Then its Robert the Leopard?
Guin: There Terrible!
Rinda: Huh, I can see why he doesn't have his own cereal.

Guin: Oh god... Massive hangover... Cant keep... conscious...

Rinda: We need to help him!
Remus: Screw that! Didn't you just see what he did to those guys?
Rinda: Shut up Remus and fetch me some water.

Rinda: Oh god... Sunsets always make me cry... That and the death of my parents... Damn you sun!

Thanks to the wonder twins Leopard man is back on his feet.

Rinda: So... who are you?
Guin: Urrr.... I think my names Guin... I think I must have been at some party cause my head hurts like hell.... Shit! I can't remember who I am or why I'm here! That must have been one kick ass party!

Guin: So what happened to those guys?
Rinda: Urrr, you did that?
Guin: I did? Hahaha! I put a guy through a tree trunk? That's awesome!

Guin: Well, since his heads the wrong way round he wont be needing this, yoink.

Later on when our hero's have left the scene.
Captain: So this Leopard guy jumped you and killed everyone?
Solider: Yeah, I almost fought him off, but I guess I was too tired to unleash my unstoppable sword technique on him.
Captain: Uh huh, whats that?
Solider: Oh this? belonged to one of those kids we attacked.
Captain: Hey this is from the Parrol Royal family, those are the heirs every ones looking for?
Solider: Wow, really?
Captain: yeah- wait.... If you didn't know who they were, why did you attack them?
Solider: .... We were really bored.

At the hero's new camp.
Remus: They say these woods are haunted, no one knows if will survive the night...
Rinda: This is why no one likes you Remus, its because your a whiny bitch.
Guin: What are you two doing here anyway?
Remus: Oh were royalty fleeing our country cause- ow! What the hell Rinda!
Rinda: ... I'm sorry Guin, but we don't know what side your on yet.

Guin: Seriously... You think I have a side?

Rinda: Oh shit! LSD trip!

Guin: Well, now that Rinda's stopped spacking about we'll get ready to get a nights sleep.

Guin: ... Or not.

Guin: Remus, do me a favor! Stop sucking for five minutes!

Remus: AHHH! Help!
Guin: God damn it! I gave you one job!

Guin: I know were in the middle of a fight Remus, but I've only just noticed... Why are you wearing a skirt? Are you sure your the boy?

Guin: Quickly! Dive into this water! Everyone knows evil spirits can't swim!

Guin: Good job pretending to be drowning Remus, that'll throw those evil spirits off.

Guin: Well, now that that's over with everything will be fine forever.

Guin: Oh god damn it.

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