Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 9

Istavan: Hey, I know now might not be a good time... But since I'm going to be a King in the future we should totally get married Rinda.

Rinda: I'm 14!
Istavan: Well not now, you know.

Guin: Ok, stop being a pedo for a sec, were being chased.

Guin: Pfft, I don't even need a shield to beat these guys, here you can have Remus.

Soilder: There's only one of them! Cut him down!

Soilder: F***

Soilder: Ok, That was unexpected, but there's like 20 of us, so we should be able to take him

Soilder: F***

Soilder: Monkey Ninjas!

Astreas: Halt Villain! I am Astreas the Red Lion of Gohra! I will cut you do-

Istavan: Dude, are you wearing earnings?

Astreas: What? Yeah so?
Istavan: Pfft, Fag.

Astreas: Hey! At least I don't have stupidly long ponytail!
Istavan: Oh no you didn't!

Istavan flys into a rage, where upon he instantly loses the fight. Impressive stuff folks.
Istavan: Shhiiiiitttttt.

Guin: Titanic Elbow!

Astreas: AHH!

Guin: Well... Lucky for you I don't kill girls.
Astreas: Hey! I'm not a girl!
Guin: You sure? I could just come back and kill you.
Astreas:... I'm a girl...
Relying on his plot instincts Guin follows them back to their camp.
Istavan: Huh... I don't remember there being fifteen thousand of them.

Amn: Ok, So we'll be invading the desert... Here... I guess.

Marius: Can I ask why were invading a desert?
Amn: Sure, I'll let Kar Mol fill you in.

Kar Mol: Sup guys.
Everyone: AHH!

Meanwhile guin has gathered all three of the monkey ninja tribes.

Guin: Ok, so basically I've decided I kinda like this place... Lots of death happens here.... It reminds me of me. So I need you guys to band together to defeat this invading army.

Monkey Ninja Leader: You cant just ask us to toss away all our problems with each other over night and expect us to follow you. I mean it'd be like-

Guin: Look, just shut up, and do what the hell I say.
And so they did.

Kar Mos: Sorry about that, towel fell off. Urrr... yeah... So.... I'm like the only person ever to cross this desert, and I found this rock... When you touch the rock it sort of makes your skin fall off. Trust me, I know.

Amn: Right, so the plan is we'll kill all the monkeys, then we'll build a fort next to this rock so our empire can work out how to use it.

Marius: Wait... So basically your plan is to invade a desert full of man eating monsters, that we know nothing about because only one person ever crossed it alive. Then you want us to wage war against a people with an intimate knowledge of the surrounding geography. All so we can get a rock that kills you when you touch it.

Amn: Yeah, pretty much.

Marius: Am I the only one that sees the massive flaws with this plan?

Monkey Ninja: So... Like... We have this sword here... I have no idea why, but we figured you should have it.

Guin: Sweet.

Guin: Alright, on a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome do I look?
Rinda: Guin, I wan-
Guin: 12. The answer was 12.
Rinda: Won't you ask us to help fight? We want to fight with you. (Actually asks this)

Guin:..... That's a joke right?

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