Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 4

Vanon: Welcome to my arena!

Guin: Huh, kind of a shit hole.

Guin: Wait? So I'll be fighting a giant ape?

Guin: I can totally take that.

Rinda: What the hell! Give Guin a weapon.

Vanon: Urr... Sure! Once this hour glass runs out... I will totally do that, no lying.

Vanon: But seriously there's no way he can fight that-

Vanon: What the hell? Did he just kick it in the face?

Guin: I'm totally beating up a giant ape. Best. Day. Ever.

Vanon: Umm... Urr... Wait I know! I have a cunning plan. Hey Leopard guy! Look over here!

Guin: Wh-AHHH!

Guin: Gah... Ok.... Not gonna lie... Dick move Vanon.

Remus: Hey! The timer ran out!
Rinda: Yeah! Give Guin a sword!
Vanon: WHAT?
Rinda: I said give-
Vanon: WHAT? I can't hear you?
Rinda: I SAID GI-
Vanon: WHAT?
Rinda: Your doing that on purpose!
Guin:...Hey... Ape.... Guess what?
Ape: Rar?

Guin: This! BONK!

Orro: Quick Guin! Have my sword!

Guin: Hey Ape! I got a riddle for ya, what does a giant ape say when hes got a sword through his head?
Guin: Nothing cause hes dead!

Captain: What the hell Orro? Why did you do that?

Orro: I... I just thought that if I did... I could become a main character.

Captain: You a main character? Your not main character material, besides were going to kill you now, right count?
Vanon: Actually... I'm just going to ignore any of that just happened and make the Leopard guy fight one of my other prisoners.

Istavan: Being in jail sucks. Next time I'm staying in a Hotel.

Istavan: So where are we going?
Solider: Your going to fight in mortal combat.
Istavan: Really? Cause I'm a pretty good fighter, so I should do just fine so long as you don't pit me against some kind of monster.

Istavan: Shit.

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