Friday, 18 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 8

Solider: Hey, I heard this rivers full of monsters?
Other Solider: Yeah so?
Solider: Well then isn't it a really dumb idea to have us standing over it? I mean its like saying "Hey look at us! We're like cans of ready made meat"

Soilder: F***

Amn: Oh wow, that was surprising.
Marius (The blue one): Yes, because its surprising when a monster comes out of the river known for having monsters in it.

Meanwhile we learn that Istavan is a coward and a racist.

Istavan: What? No I'm not!
Whatever you say man.

Marius: Ok, so since my men are actually useful sometimes, they managed to find the twins. However I want to fight the big guy.

Amn: Ah, so you want to test your mettle against-
Marius: Nah, I'm just pretty sure he'll kick your ass.

Istavan: God, I can't believe they made go on this 'bonding' journey with you... I'm just gonna end up eating you.

Guin is dreaming about Cheetara.

Marius: So your a Leopard guy? I can totally take that.

Guin: Hey! That's my line!

Guin: Ok, so... your surprisingly strong for an old guy, but I can still-

Red Guy: Hey Leopard guy! Guess what!
Rinda: It's Remus's fault!
Remus: Hey!

Guin: Why do I hang out with you guys again?

Amn: Ha! I caught you! Thought you could out smart me, aye?
Rinda: You had horses.... bitch.

Amn: What was that?

Rinda:.... You had horses?

Amn: A Leopard guy? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?!

Amn: Mage! What does your crystal say?
Mage:... Urmm... That... Hes a Leopard? (Not a joke, actually says that)

You cant see it well here but Guin is chuckling.

Amn: Whats so funny?
Guin: You are.
To prove that Guin is a total badass, this is what he actually says to her:

Guin: You wear armour over your graceful body, and conceit with your title as leader of the white knights and general of the west borough. I don’t know about the cowardly knights of the monguals, but in front of a true knight you are ridiculous.

Marius: Oh my god! You best put some ice on that, cause you just got burned!

Amn: GRRR! We're going back to the fabulous castle! And these guys don't get horses!

Remus: Rinda.... I can't walk any longer... I'm tired...
Rinda:..... I am so glad that you decided to complain right now.... No really I am.... It just completes my day.

Remus: Are they going to kill us?

Remus: I don't want to die....
Guin: Its actually very brave to admit you don't want to die.
Remus: Are... Are you mocking me?
Guin: Yeah I totally am.

Istavan: Alright, now that I've snuck in here its time to get to work....

Istavan: Yes! I'll eat all their food!... Wait... was there something else I was supposed to do?

Istavan: Crap crap crap. Well, now seems like a good time to release that sand worm.

Soilder: Oh god! Why is this place full of monsters!

Istavan: Hey guys! I totally didn't forget about you!
Guin: Hey. What took you so long?
Istavan: Well, I had to fight my way here... but James keeps skipping all of my fight scenes, why is that?
Guin: its cause your a total cock.

Solider: Their escaping! Damn it! Why do we suck so much?

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