Friday, 26 February 2010

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 8

Child Har: Hey Dad! Why so glum? Where's Mum?

Child Har: Oh no! Mum! Mum! This is your fault! I hate you Dad, I hate you!

Ok folks we've managed to avoid it for quite a long time but we can't anymore. Now that all the bullshit episodes are out of the way it's time to move onto the actual plot of Viper's Creed. Now this means I need to explain a few things, especially since this episode is quite plot heavy.

First of all Har's hate for his Father is two fold. Har's mother was ill and she died and so Har blames his father for not being able to help her. Next he's part of the group that believes that his Father sold out the city to outsiders, thus putting the local folk in poverty, this is of course why Har joined Hound.

Har: Ah!... Urg.... I hate that dream...

Har: Oh hey.... Hmm... I guess Ulla hasn't come back yet... Never mind... I'll catch you later Aga.

The little girl is of course also apart of Hound, and shes like some kind of super hacker. She may have also drank Har's blood in his sleep.... cause she's a total freak.

The Hound bombings continue despite Ulla's pleadings.

Strauss: We believe we've found the spy sir.... And I'm afraid it's someone you know very well...

Oguma: .... This can't be happening....

Things are pretty tense the break room, first someone ate Norma's chocolate, and now their all suspicious of Har because he's a Hound sympathiser.

Oguma, Har's Father and the president of the company, comes down so that he and Har can have a private conversation.

Sak: Damn, the door's sealed... But I'm so curious! It's like watching Eastenders... But with Robots!

Sak: *Oh god! Rape*

Sak: Christ Saki! Don't scare me like that... Eh.... What are you doing?

Saki: I'm going into the air duct to listen to their conversation of course...

Sak: Is.... Is this how you know everything? Cause you spy on people from the air ducts?

Saki: Is that a bad thing?

Sak: Yes... Yes it is...

Saki: Oh.... Sorry, my bad.

The Father Son talk goes about as well as expected.

Har: I hate you! Ulla has a just cause and a dream for this place!

Strauss: If these bombings continue the company will suffer... we might even need to leave this city...

Rudra: That doesn't really bother us... after all we're merc's... we can get job's anywhere.

Strauss: We'll pay you triple if you find and destroy Hound.

Rudra: Oh... That's.... That's alot of money.

Strauss: "This is a battle for this city's future" These words and orders come from the company president himself.

Har is not pleased at that and storms off.

Har:.... What do you want?

Saki:.... Is your Father really wrong...?

Har:... What... What do you know! You don't know anything!

Har: Finally tracked down Ulla... I wonder what he's doing here?

Har: There he is... I'll feel better after we talk.

Har: Huh? He seems to be talking to someone....

Hmm? That can't be right.... if she's here that would mean that Ulla is infact the-


There you go folks, the true villains of this series. There's a couple of clue's that Ulla's a bad guy, but with the women it's totally f***ing obvious... Like... she looks evil in any close up shots... so the only way to make this a surprise was to just cut her out for the most part, hopefully some of you were surprised by all this.

Har certainly was.

Har: Shit shit shit shit!
Har: This.... This can't be right... I have to... get to the bottom of this.... once I catch my breath....

So he proceeds to brake into his Father's office.
Sak: Ah! Saki! What are you doing here?

Saki: Following Har, what are you doing?

Sak: I was.... just.... walking.... I was following Har...

Har: There's got to be something in here to explain all this.... Hmm? New project? This.... This is a reformation project.... to help the city become more independent... my Father is behind this?

Just outside the window of his office is this massive sunflower garden, see Har's mother discovered a way to make them grow once more... So at last Har understands that his Father did care all along.

Har: Mother.... I....

Ulla: You must be Saki....
Ulla: Har used to talk about you alot....

Ulla:... Well..... I'll see you around....

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 7

Sak: Shopping is fun!

Har: How the hell did you convince us to come here again?

Saki: Scent of.... green bird? Eh, maybe it'll take the smell of blood off me.

Little Girl: I love the mall! I love having a long and peaceful life! When I grow up-

Oh god!

News Man: The terrorist group Hound has sent out a message today declaring they were behind the shopping mall bombing.

Har: That's impossible!

Regardless of the shit I give Har, he does the best surprised face.

Sak: So Har.... Earlier you said it couldn't have been Hound, how could you know that?

Har: Wait, did James just skip a whole section of the episode?

Sak: Don't try and chance the subject!

Creepy Girl: Do you taste like ice-cream?

Sak: Ah! What the hell is that!

Har: And now I will take my leave.

Later that day-

Har: Guy's... Ulla! We have to tell everyone that Hound isn't responsible for the bombings!

Gasp! Har is part of the terrorist group Hound! But don't worry, these guy's are the pussy terrorists... other terrorists steal their lunch money.

Ulla: We can't do that Har.... I know you mean well but if we did that it would create one big mess.... But don't worry... I'll be talking to the other groups and making sure these bombings stop... I swear it by my glorious starry eyes! Gaze into them and know true beauty!

Har: Urrr.... That's.... Nice... I should go now.

Ulla: Hang on, we need to talk.

Ulla: Traveling the world.... I saw alot of bad things... and I just want to change the world for the better....

Har: Urr.... Ulla... Why are we in your garden?

Ulla: I'm having a moment here! I'm talking about my own deep personal grief!

Har: Why are you telling me-

Ulla: There must be witness's!

Ulla:.... So..... How's work?

Har: Oh it's good, made lots of friend.... they treat me bad but I know they mean well. Like Saki, I think you'd like him.... after all this is over I'd like you to meet him.

Ulla: That would be be nice... I'd like that...

News Man: Terrorists are everywhere!

Sak: I grew up in this city you know... and with all this trouble brewing I just have to wonder.... what's going to happen? Where are we all going? How-

Saki: Hold that thought, I just remembered I'm supposed to be on a mission.

Sak: God damn it Saki! You ruin everything!

Saki:.... Sorry, my bad.

Walter: Ok everyone! We found out where Hound are! Go and arrest them!

Har: *Surprised face*
Ulla: Hey guys... I'm gonna go get a burger... You want anything?

Guy: Er, actually yeah... We need a bunch of shopping done-

Ulla: Look I was just being polite... I'm not actually gonna bring anything back.

Har: Oh no.... What do I do? The only way to stop team Viper now... is to shoot them!

Uh oh, high stress.... you know what that means? Flashback!

Saki: Har I swear to god if you forget to put sugar in my tea one more time... I'm gonna cut ya.

Norma: Hold on, let me just put these in before you start talking.

Gar: I don't care if your full, your gonna eat it.

Rudra: I'm going to shoot you!

Har: I can't! Their mee friends!

Terror bot has no friends.... Only Disco!

Norma: Ah! Where the hell did that come from?

Rudra: What the hell? Nobodies here!

Sak: They must have hacked our systems!

Ulla: Okay, but you guys have to carry your own shopping, and none of you better drool in my car... I'm looking at you Barry.... Disgusting.

Creepy Girl: Can I have your soul?