Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 10

Now to prove that Mongols intentions are peaceful, here is their flag in all its non-threatening glory.

Amn: Whats going on?
Marius: What do you thinks going on?! Were being attacked you stupid bint!
Amn: What was that?
Marius: We're being attacked!

Marius: Haha! Foolish Monkeys! You do not have the power of the epic pose!

Astreas: By killing these monkeys I will win Amn's heart (Literally how his logic works)

Astreas: *Oh shes just so perfect*
Amn: Hey you!
Astreas: Y-yes?
Amn: My eyes are up here!

Marius: Anyway, they had such a small force and fled just now... Probably a trap.
Amn: Alright we wont follow.

Guin: Good thing they didn't follow us, that would have totally screwed up our plans.

Monkey Ninja: Wait, if we didn't want them to follow us, why did we attack them?
Guin: I like to mess with them, hehehe.

Guin: But really I'm kidding you guys, we actually wanted to steal their armour. Yo Istavan! Get your ass over here and put this on so you can have something useful to do in future episodes!

Istavan: Why do I have to do it?
Guin: Cause your the only adult human here... Plus its no great loss if you die.

Also Suni is alive! But honestly do you care?

And now since this is an anime, obligatory naked scene!

Rinda: MY EYES!

Soilder: Our scouts report that the enemy forces have gotten around to our flank.

Amn: How many?
Soilder: A large number. (What he actually says)

Amn:.... That is not a number. Have this man killed then put some units at our back.

Guin: Oh! Oh! I just thought of an awesome band name.... The Lead Monkeys.... Hell yeah.

Astreas: Guin! I will fight you and regain my honour! Face me now so that-

Guin: Closeline from hell!

Guin: Man, I never get tired of kicking the shit out of you.

Marius: Not so fast!

Guin: Oh shit! Someone who can actually fight me!


Marius: AHH! My old man ribs!

Guin: Yo Princess! You should put on a dress and go win yourself a man, you'd probably suck less at that. (Sort of actually says that to her)

Amn: I hate him I hate him! Chase them down! Kill them all!

Marius: Ok Princess, this one is totally a trap, we really shouldn't-

Amn: Shut up! You can't tell me what to do!

Guin: Oh my god, its going to be so funny when we unleash this thing on those guys. I'm not even joking, my sides are gonna spilt, I swear.

Soilders: AHHH! We're being dissolved! This is the worst pain ever!

The blond one is Reagen, Astreas friend.

He is so dead.

Let us have a moment of silence at his passing.


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