Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fighting Games

Have you ever played a fighting game reader?

If no, then I’m not actually gonna say you’re missing out much. But James? Surely you’d want people to experience all the fun things in gaming, and while normally I would agree... If you haven’t ever been introduced to fighting games before then it might very well be too late. See the big problem with fighting games is that they are very un-friendly to newcomers, most likely if you’re ever introduced to this genre it will be thanks to a friend... who will kick your ass. Losing is historically not fun and most fighting games will send you packing. If you’re lucky, or a bit of a masochist, then maybe you’ll find the fighting game for you that’ll open up the genre.

Capcom vs Marvel 2 is not that game.

Now I would call myself a fan of the 2d fighter, and I’d call myself an average player. My skills aren’t the best in the block simply because I’ve never met anyone else ever interested in these games, so I’m limited to merely playing against increased levels of difficulty from a cpu. Because of this online play isn’t really for me, I’m just not competitive/bothered enough for that. In fact my favourite aspect about fighting games is the unpredictability of them, I enjoy seeing moves I didn’t know about coming out of nowhere... yet its better when I somehow overcome that power I didn’t know about. If I put the time into becoming a competitive player I would lose that, because I would need to familiarise myself with all the moves... And something about that sort of detracts from the purity of the fight in my eyes... the point of a fight is you don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s up to you to react to that.

Anyway, back on topic. Capcom vs Marvel 2 is brutal, and it rewards your curiosity with a punch to the face. Don’t even think about trying that easy option, it’ll still kill you and drag your shattered corpse through the grove of spiky objects. This game was made for that competitive player and if you aren’t ‘hardcore’ enough for it then your only reward will be constant beatdowns. You haven’t even gone online yet.

I can certainly see why old fans of the game would rejoice that the game has come back in its pure form, but I can’t help thinking to myself “Man, I’m glad they don’t make them like that anymore”. I don’t really care what ‘purists’ would say to that, there is very good reason there not made like this anymore, losing is never fun. See the important thing to note is that I’m a gamer and not a competitor and this game is aimed solely at the latter. When I’m playing a game I want to have fun, not to be constantly frustrated when the computer puts me in a combo I can do nothing about, or counters everything I do, or frankly just spams the damn ranged attacks all the time.

You know what I think the best 2d fighter is? Guilty Gear, hands down. You know, because it was fun? See what it did is it had the first part of its game, which was easy enough if you knew what you were doing, and then the second where it took off the safeties and showed you what it could do. Fighting games need that safety, frankly to cuddle that player who isn’t that good. If your argument is “Well they should just buckle down and get better then” then you can go away right now, as you’ve missed the point. Why should a player continue if you’re just going to beat him up every time he does something wrong?

You know those martial art films where you have the cruel master that tends to beat on his prime student alot, do you ever wonder why he only has one god damn student? Cause he beats them up! There are people out there who can take that sort of abuse, but there’s alot more who can’t. I know these days where all getting mad cause games are too easy, but that’s because alot of games in the past were too hard for no good reason, and just cause we had to suffer through that doesn’t mean we have to make everyone else suffer as well.

Now the reason I’m writing this, if you couldn’t already tell, is cause I’m currently getting my ass handed to me by CvM 2. Its pissed me off so much cause I have played alot of fighters in my time and know I can do better than this. The trouble is I need to fully adjust to these games, as I can only ever be good at one at a time. The same goes with the characters, in the soul calibur series my best character is Nightmare and I can rock you like a hurricane... But I tend to get bored playing one char all the time so I switch around... Finally I went back to nightmare to find I suddenly sucked with him. I lose my fighting edge very easily and when going into a new fighting system I need time to adjust, and I usually do this with the safety mode of the game. CvM 2 doesn’t have that, and I will never be satisfied being cooped up in the training room, so I go into the arcade mode unprepared to get my face stomped in.

For me its all about finding my characters, sitting down with them and getting good with them, and while Capcom vs Marvel 2 is a good game I can’t help but be sad that I don’t have enough money to get Blazblue instead...


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