Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 11

Soilder: Oh man... I know this stuff is like paint stripper... But I need it bad.

Istavav: Judo Chop! Ok... So now that I've killed you I'll take your identity... I'm pretty sure that's how spying works.

Istavan: Hey! Can I join your company? Because I'm not a spy.
Marius: Well, you sort of remind me of my son, so I guess I wont bother looking into who you actually are.

Guin: Ok... We've done good guys... But.... Bad News, there's still alot more Mongols then us, which means when they track down where were living they are gonna kinda kill us.

Monkey Ninja: What are we gonna do?
Guin: Don't worry.... I have a plan....

Rinda: So your plan is to find the legendary giant people, who may or may not actually exist, and then convince them to join us?
Guin: Yep, pretty much. I reckon it'll take me like four days, tops.

Guin: Well I'm off, try not to die while I'm gone.

Rinda: Make sure you travel east!

Guin: I know!

Rinda: Make sure you pass the rocks of light and darkness!

Guin: I... What?
Rinda: Did you take your lunch!
Guin: Yes! Shut up!

Meanwhile in a place that's not a desert.

Naris(The big brother): I must get back to the city... It is my duty to do something about the mongols.

Other guy: Well, we do actually know what your name is now... But still... That's pretty risky, you sure you want to do this.

Naris: Look, were like eight episodes in and I've hard barely any screen time! I will be a main character! I'm not going down like Orro!

Guin: Damn it... I should have brought a magazine.

Guin: Holy crap... I think Rinda slipped something into my lunch.

Guin: This mirror tastes suspiciously like cloud.

Guin: Oh no! Bad trip, bad trip, BAD TRIP!

Guin: Eerrr.... That was pretty messed up... where am I?

Guin: How the hell did I get up here? That must have been some serious shit.

Guin: Great, I don't know where I am, and I've lost my horse... I swear when I see Rinda again I'm gonna give her such a bitch slap.

Amn: Ok, New plan everyone... Were gonna forget about the rock for now, and just focus on killing these monkeys... Once we find their home we'll kill them.

Marius: *sigh*

Amn: What is it now?

Marius: Its just.... Anyone could have come up with that plan... Why can't you ever think of like... I dunno... Actual strategy and tactics?

Amn: Well.... What would you have done, huh?

Marius: Well for starters I would have spilt the army into three, thus cutting down the amount of loses we would have taken... Which also would have made it harder to set up traps... If one got attacked the others could have easily-
Amn: Ok, forget I asked.

Meanwhile Guin is being attacked!

Guin: Buster Wolf!

Guin: Oh my God! You are the biggest wolf I've ever seen! Can we be friends? I shall call you Wolf King!

Istavan: Hey, so... Whats the army's plan?

Marius:... Well... Were just going to find the Monkeys and kill them-

Istavan: You can tell me cause I'm not a spy.

Marius:... I didn't say you were...?

Istavan: Good, cause I'm not.

As a note here, Marius comments how shes using water to clean her hair, cause their in a desert and should be conserving water. But I have to say, Amn only has her nice hair going for her... So if I were her I'd take care of it too.

Guin: Its just hard ya know, being the only useful character... And Rinda's starting to get all clingy... She used to have some guts ya know? But now it seems like shes just using me as a crutch.

Guin: You brought me a dead bird? YOU ARE THE BEST WOLF EVER!

Guin: So... were in like... a valley of salt?

Guin: Ohh, shiny plot thing.

Guin: Oh? Your leaving? I... I see... Farewell! I'll always love you Wolf King!

Guin: Hmm.... That's odd, somethings poking me in the back.

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