Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 3

Captain: Lay down your weapon and surrender!

Guins Unimpressed face.

Captain: By that I mean, surrender, or we'll just shoot you.

Guin: I can totally take these guys.

Rinda: What? No! You'll just get the rest of us shot!

Guin: Tch, Fine.

Guin: Alright, I give up.

Captain: Throw your sword down.

Guin: There you go.

Captain: Good now you-

Guin: Ha! Jokes on you! Its not even my sword.

Later at the counts fort.

Rinda: No! I sense bad voodoo! I don't want your bad voodoo!

Soilder: Quiet child and just get in here.

Guin: Haha! An excuse to murder! Flap Jack throw!

Captain: Ok, I'm gonna let that go... cause it was hilarious.

Remus: I see the count likes red.... and candles.

Remus: Are they going to kill us?

Rinda: If they do I hope they pick you first. God, grow some balls.

Silent Bodyguard: *Thats it fan girls, drink me in, I'm so awesome.*

Vanon: Welcome to my fort! I am Count Vanon.

Rinda: I've heard of you!

Vanon: Well its nice to know that even people from far away like you know-

Rinda: yeah I heard you're a douche and no one likes you.

Vanon: Whatever, look I just want to know how you got here so quickly? Did you fly? Some sort of magic? If you don't tell me I'll just have to torture you... but to honest we were gonna torture you anyway.

Rinda: I'll never tell you anything! I'll die before then!

Vanon: Huh, that's kinda annoying, so I figure I'll just torture your brother here, cause he seems like a massive wuss.
Remus: AHH!

Vanon: I'll probably use fire.

Rinda: Wait! I'll tell you, we.... used a giant catapult.

Vanon: Oh? I see, yes makes sense... Wait a second! Your lying to me! That really pisses me off!

Rinda: Ah! I'm in ambiguous pain!

Guin: Surprise kick!
Vanon used dodge

Silent bodyguard: *Heh, If I talked right now I'd be all like Oh you got owned*

Vanon: Ohh! A leopard man! I only just noticed you. Think your strong huh? Well I'll just... Make you dance under an anvil! No wait! Juggle elephants! No wait! Fight to the death in a combat area! Yeah that last one... Kick ass.

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