Monday, 29 June 2009

The Weekend

The noise of the alarm run straight through Pete's head as he slowly awoke to the new day. Holding his head like a fish bowel Pete tried to subdue the growing headache getting ready to make his morning horrible. As the beeping of his alarm clock grew louder Pete tried to pick himself up out of his bed to reach it until he finally gave it a sluggish hit on its head. While silecne filled his room he could still feel and hear the beeping in his head.

It was Sunday and Pete had a hangover.

Unable to get back to sleep Pete slowly tore himself away from his bed to begin his morning routines. A cold shower would hopefully wake him up and take away the dark rings under his eyes, and while it did wake him up he instantly regretted doing it. Walking to his sink dressed in his towel Pete began using almost every tooth cleaning device known to man, his dentist had laid what could only be described as a verbal smackdown on him a few weeks ago. Cleaning himself up, brushing his short brown hair back, putting his contacts in and finally spraying himself to rid the bad smells of yesterday, all these things had become his mornings. A part of him deeply wished you didn't have to do all these things in the morning.

Getting dressed Pete went out to collect his laundry, then to meet his friend for a cup of coffee.

"Yo! Pete! Over here!" Hours later with his chores out of the way Pete looked forward to talking with his long-time friend Robert. When they first met Robert had specifically chosen this place for them to meet up and chat about random things, he said it was because there was once this hilarious story in the newspaper about this cafes tea getting spiked.

"Hey Robert..." Giving Pete a big grin Robert pointed to him.
"Heh, yeah... You really did hit the drinks hard last night didn't you?" Ordering a strong black coffee Pete sighed, he definitely was not in the mood for sweet things.
"You know you could have stopped me..."
"Nah, you seemed like you were having fun... especially when you started making out with Mary" Rubbing his temples Pete groaned out loud.
"Oh god... That did happen didn't it?" A waitress approached their table and handed Rober a cheese cake.
"Sure did... Thanks dear... Anyway, what’s the problem? You've always liked her?"
"I know I know... Its just... Its weird at the moment, ok? Besides it was hardly real... we were both off our heads" Taking a bite out of his cake Robert looked up at Pete doubtfully.
"Whatever you say man- whoa... speak of the devil" Turning around Pete saw her, Mary. Of course she was here though, she knew Pete had lunch here every Sunday and no doubt she wanted to talk "Well.... I'd better get going" Pete looked over to him with a little panic in his eyes.
"What? You can't leave me now?"
"I can... And I have, good luck" with a wave of his hand Robert sleeked off outside of the cafe.
"I'll get you for this...."

As Mary sat down opposite of him an awkward silence descended on the pair, Pete going so far as to avoid eye contact with her.

"So....Umm... Hi"
"Hi Mary..." Again the two seemed stuck, unable to break the barrier of silence completely. The waitress came over to them and handed Pete his coffee, which he immediately took a sip out of "Gah, that's bitter...."
"You should just do normal coffee ya know, black coffee hardly works any better..."
"I guess" taking a spoon Pete began to mix a little sugar into his coffee.
"Look about yesterday... I'm sorry... Y-you know how it is at party's when you've had a bit to much to drink" Looking up at her Pete just felt like he'd been dumped, but he tried to hide his regret best as he could.
"Yeah... I understand... It was my fault too... don't worry about it"
"I am sorry... Its... Its nothing to do with you... Its just your my boss and its awkward and it never works out..."
"Of course... Just forget about it" she smiles at him a little and Pete's heart begins to ache slightly.
"Ok then... I... I guess I'll see you tomorrow" With that she walked off and Pete sighed quietly to himself.


Pete wasn't really looking forward to work today, he never did on Mondays. The endless repetition was going to get to him one day, and his frustrations over Mary would maybe get the better of him one day. But at least he had his morning routine he supposed.

Fresh and clean Pete stepped into the middle of his room "Well, lets go to work then" and in an instant the room is enveloped in black fire. Stepping out of the flame wearing a purple leather suit, a mighty cape flowing behind him, Pete put on his trademark grin. Walking down the marble corridor of darkness his monsters cheered his name.

"Long live Lord Hextor!" striding into his throne room Hextor extended his hand outward and and summoned his staff to his side.

"Evil ro-call!" Five black pyres burst from the floor revealing his foul minions.
"Lady Lighting!"
"Galak the Dark Knight!"
"Mombrose the Beast Master!"
"And the Kradalack Brothers!"

Sitting atop his mighty obsidian throne Hextor called out in a deep booming voice "What are we gonna do today my horrific minions!"
"Were going to take over the world!"
"And what if we can't?"
"We'll watch it burn!"

Cackling madly Hextor thought up his next evil scheme, wondering at the back of his mind if Lady Lightning would ever go out with him.

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