Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hype Machine: Prototype

I can get very psyched for new games. I can understand how people can foam at the mouth for a new release. Something about the new releases potential can strike a cord with us, and make us love what technically doesn't exist yet.

My newest one is prototype.

Reader, you may have noticed (If you read my review of DOW2) that I seem to not explain mechanics of games, whats fun about them, whats glitchy about them or all those other things you'd expect from a review. I do this because I assume you have found better places to find out such things, and talking about these little things bores me. No, I like to talk about fun things, and most of all about the story.

Later I shall tell you interesting things about what I do to story's (I have so far not found another person who does what I do), but that is for another day. Were here to talk about prototype.

One of my favorite fantasy's is shape shifting. I enjoyed the idea of taking on other guises sure, but more then that I liked the idea of turning my hands into blades for various activity's. How exactly doesn't prototype hit that on the head? Your a dude that can transform his body into a weapon, nuff said.

But whats interesting is prototype has struck a cord in me that is likely not part of the games experience at all.

One more fantasy I enjoyed immensely in the past (Strangely not so much anymore) was the aspect of an evil self. I can only explain it as some sort of perverse joy at the idea of some inner evil self having its own ego and doing terrible things because it thinks its funny. When ever I see a game, tv show or anime I automatically love the character who has this. From the character Angel in Buffy the vampire slayer to Ichigo from bleach, I find myself enjoying their evil self far more then I do the main character.

Now i don't know why prototype reminds me of this, after all from my understanding Alex is actually rather sane (As sane as one can be after losing all your memories). But somehow it does and I find a glee amusement at that.

Now onto what I plan to do once I have prototype.

For those unfamiliar with the story its about a man named Alex who wakes up to find he has no memory's and super powers (Usual stuff). He is then thrown into a city gone mad. People are turning into monsters, the army has been called in to keep control and finally the Blackwatch has come to kill everything alive in the city. From this turmoil Alex must find out who has done this to him and take his revenge.

Now Alex is not the kind of super hero that has to worry about morality. If some people die because he threw a car at a tank he doesn't care. Why wouldn't he care? Because as far as he knows everyone in the city is going to become a monster anyway, so killing them before then is actually doing them a favour. Alex is a hateful little man with a job to do, and hes so powerful that anything in his way is going to die.

I am going to try and play this game as a good person.

If you watched any of the videos you might release how hard this is going to be. Alex is powerful, too powerful. His power promotes recklessness, and it would be just so easy to paint the town red. But what if your not trying to kill people? What if your actually thinking of the solders family's right before you tear him in half? If this is what Alex thought like, what sort of person would he become after this ordeal?

I wish to explore this idea when I get the game and see if I can play it as an iconic super hero. Will it show that responsibility can make all the difference? Or will it show that with great power, comes great murder?

(Once I am done with this experiment I plan to paint the town so very... very red).

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