Saturday, 20 June 2009

Rant Time!

Before I carry on with my (addition) to prototype, and it will start adding things to the story I assure you faithful reader, I felt that I haven't complained about stuff for awhile now. So I'm going to rant about a few topics that irk me... or something, I dunno where this will go.

Land Rovers

I swear to god if I people don't stop buying land rovers then people will start dieing. But James, how will people traverse those bumpy roads or wade through those forests? Well those people are fine, if you have dirt on your four by four you are using it in the correct manner.


If you live in a very urban environment that lacks bumpy roads, dirt roads, forests, jungles, angry tribes men and dinosaurs then there is absolutely no reason you should have one. I mean for the love of all that is sensible there huge! You don't need that! STOP IT!


Huh, that sounds like an interesting title, and whats this? Its made by the guys who did Devil May Cry? Well then no doubt it will be go-


*Sigh* I'm getting pretty sick of shit like this. Yes the female anatomy is beautiful, perhaps even hot if you wish to be crude. But when it comes to games there is line of how much obvious porn I'm willing to put up with. Now dear reader the trouble is a number of things, and for me I suppose the biggest one is when so much focus is made on design (As in looks) rather then the heart of a product the story will suffer for it.

A good example would be this anime I watched awhile ago with dragons in it (I'm a sucker for dragons...)... It had a very promising start and I was pretty psyched for it, but then it just fell into cliche... then into stupid things like the design of the girls and long story short I quit watching it half way through.

Huh, if you haven't looked at the videos for this game I guess you may not know what I'm getting worked up about. Get this, Her clothes are made of hair (Which is gross) and she can transform her hair into attacks which make her naked. Now if you think this is a good idea your either an idiot or a teenager... in which case your already an idiot so its fine.

I mean if you look this game up and see the amount of work they've put into the presentation of their lead character alone.... Its retarded... Its frankly time they could have used to make a better game about giant robots ripping each other apart for better equipment.

This sort of thing happens all the time in Japan, and is one of the things that really pisses me off. Women in games, manga and anime usually get the short end of the stick and tend to be mainly used as sex symbols (Sometime as very creepy ones). I have appositely no respect for characters such as these and frankly try to blank them as best I can, because they are like sugarless sweets to me... a mockery of what it really should be.

Now granted the bosses look cool and such but I'm getting this feeling that the whole game will be like some kind of giant fools gold ending... It just seems like pulling off silly combos for the sake of silly combos... and is trying to look to cool by itself and not give the player a chance to shine with their own style.
Also the story seems to be about her being the last witch or something... Oh cause we've never come across that before (This is the same as their last character Dante for gods sake... Where have they put their brain?) and shes looking for her kidnapped daughter (If you haven't caught on this can be her only motivation since shes a women and a mother... else she would clearly stay in the kitchen otherwise.... Gah).

Gonna have to brake it to you Japan, but when a women has a child, those hips? They go to hell. Plus I'd be seriously concerned if I was a little girl and my mother was a prostitute (Also I'd be worried I was a little girl...).

Valkyria Chronicles

Good game, if you have a PS3 look it up, it also has an anime that stays mostly to the same story but changes the odd thing here and there.... then becomes retarded.

Spoilers be ahead dear reader!

Now if you've finished the game you'll know its a solid game with a cheesy but ok story. However every now and again it likes to throw a curve ball to mix things up and that's when the story shines.

First of all you can't really see these plot twists coming, I played the game with a friend and he didn't see them coming either so there!

Anyway the big deal is about the Darcsens and there suffering during the war. Now for anyone using the clear comparison to the second world war the Darcsens are basically the Jews (As A side note I don't like comparing story's against their inspirations, I prefer to lock them away from that and judge them by their own merits). The big twist is that the princess of your nation is a Darcsens! Now the reason this is a big deal is because it sheds light on ancient secrets and how history as they know it is wrong. I enjoyed this scene alot because a good story needs a good history to aid it, make it more real, and this scene uncovered some of the mystery of the nations past and left me with a good feeling.

In the anime it seems they may have taken that out...

Excuse me for a moment.


Thank you for waiting.

I don't think I need to explain why this has annoyed me, if you've read enough of my blog you should have a bit of an understanding why I enjoy deep plots, not stupid little dips where my feet barely get wet. Taking out such a major plot point... just... kills a bit more of the story... why would you do that? Why would you do that when its clear you don't need to?

I need to stop talking to Japan because hes an idiot.

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