Monday, 22 June 2009

Demon Knight

Running down the dark stony corridors Gelren and his friends just hoped they weren't too late. They had begun their quest to stop the mad wizard Detroylus almost three months ago now, and despite set back after set back Gelren and his friends had finally tracked him down to an abandoned castle.

It was here in the mountains the dark wizard Lofrok opened a gate to a demon realm with the aim of taking over the continent, and while he failed it was feared that Detroylus would now succeed. Gelren and his friends the chosen knights of Derlos were now their last hope.

Bursting through a rotten door with his sword in hand Gelren came into a large room its ceiling reaching so high he could barely see it, and while the rest of the castle was damp and falling apart this room almost seemed brand new. A long table covered in exotic food sat at the center of the room, with the mad wizard and his priests sitting quite leisurely around it.

"Ah your finally here... We've been expecting you" Almost immediately flying into a rage Gelren darts across the room swinging his sword high, but before he can even reach the table Detroylus waves his hand and sends Gelren crashing to the floor.
"Gah!... I'll kill you! You monster!" Sitting up from his chair the mad mage looks down on him with a grin pained on his face.
"Now now boy, no need to get too excited... As for the rest of you... I wouldn't try anything... Right now I'm more powerful then I ever was... Hehehe" With his face being pressed to the floor Gelren still manages to scowl up at him.
"You... You can't have opened the portal..." Tipping his head back to release a mighty roar of laughter the mad wizard shouts with glee.
"Hahaha! Fool! I statred the ritual hours ago... Nothing can stop it now! In a short amount of time the portal will open and a 100'000 unstoppable demons will bow to my command" Looking past the wizard Gelren can make out the bronze gate at the back of the room, its cracks beginning to glow with a sickly purple light.
"You fool! You can't possibly hope to control them!"
"Thats where your wrong! You see I've improved the ritual vastly, and not only can I know use the gates power but the Demons will have no choice but to follow me without question... Truly the perfect army! Hahaha!"

As if on cue the terrible gate began to shake, its ancient binding chains falling apart into useless rust. Slowly a terrible wailing noise began to fill the room and Gelren thought he'd go mad if it continued any longer, and then with a terrible crash the doors swung open. With an awful scream a dark figure stepped out from the gate and howled a cry of pain into the air, and as the purple hue began to dissipated Gelren could make out the figure more. It looked strangely human.

With a deep yawn a man stepped away from the gate and looked around the room as if in a daze, , his entire body and all his clothes looked like they had bee covered in a layer of brass, his chain shirt looked like it was made from a bronze and even the sword by his side looked chipped and rusty. What was strangest however was in the few places you could see skin the man seemed to have patches or pieces of deep red that looked more like leather then actual skin, a triangle of this red 'flesh' went from below his jawline to the top of his left cheek.

Trying to brake from the stunned silence Destroylus looked the man up and down and said in a nervous voice "Urmm... Are... Are you a Demon?" stepping forward slightly the man looks towards the mad wizard with a confused look in his eyes.
"What? No of course not..." The man seems to finally get a grip on himself and he spy's the food on the table and for a moment he looks like he might cry "Outta of my way!" Grabing the back of a chair one of the mad wizards priests is sitting in the man flings it effortlessly away, and the man and the chair brake apart against the rock hard wall.

Slowly the pressure on Gelren begins to fade as the mad wizard is distracted by the sudden appearance of this strange man, but for now he pretends that hes still stuck to the floor.

"I'm... Hmm... This... This is the gate of Rotylan, correct? 100,000 demons and all that?" Getting increasingly nervous the priests begin to huddle behind their master as he asks the man his question.
"Mhrp ghelm, Yeah... Yome.... That's right" Stuffing his face full of food the man barely answers the mad wizards question, but with a sigh of relief he turns back to Gelren and his friends.
"Do you hear that! Ha! Soon my demons will-"
"Nope" pausing the mad wizard turns back to the man.
"...I'm sorry?" Taking a last bite of some strange meat the man looks up at the wizard.
"I said nope... They anit coming"
"What... What do you mean there not coming? Why not!"
"Cause their dead"
"W...Wh.... How?!" Wiping his lip with his sleeve the man looks at the mad wizard with a slight scowl.
"I killed them"

-Will be finshed soon-

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