Saturday, 6 June 2009

Hype Machine: Demon Souls and White Knight

F*** you Japan.

Now I enjoy your anime Japan (Not all of it mind you, god no) I even watch it subtitled because English voice actors very rarely do you justice. I even like your RPGs, cliche as some of them may be.

But what I can never forgive is your release dates.

Is it because of your cultural heritage of imperialism? Is it because your mad cause you get lots of earthquakes? Or is it that you think no one will want to buy awesome games in other, clearly backward, nations?

F*** YOU!

Demon Soul:

I have to admit if you only watch the gameplay video of the tutorial then you might get the impression this game is no big deal. That is because your brain is full of shit. I have been waiting for a game like this for a long time.

The main problem with medieval fantasy settings is that any main character in armor will either be A) An impenetrable fortress or B) Have super moves and agility. These concepts have been wearing thin on me for years now and I've been waiting for a game that understands that weapons are heavy, armor is heavy, and most of all if someone stabs you in the head you die.

Then when I thought all hope lost a beacon of light descended from the one place I never expected. No offensive Japan but you understand the medieval about as much as we understand the bottom of the ocean. When it comes to knights in shining armor Japan treats them as well as we treat samurai in our media... which in some cases is appalling. If the knights and samurai of old saw us now I don't doubt they'd kill us un-honourable dogs.

Anyway, along comes Demon Soul brandishing its blade high to fight the bitter battle of normal man vs horrific monsters. Yes from what I understand the picture on the box is no joke, you will apparently die alot. But I have only heard good things about the death system and how it makes the game rewarding, so I'm looking forward to that.

The story is a straight forward affair to just throw you into the actual game so I doubt I'll make a big deal of it, but I'll do my thing all the same.

White Knight Chronicles:

This is just another RPG. I don't care what people say about the combat system, strip any 'revolutionary' combat system from any rpg and they usually lead to the same thing. Which is alright because that's why we buy them right?

Like usual the story seems cliched what with it about a princess being kidnapped, in fact that story line is almost old enough to be called retro. But even if its the exact same story we've seen a thousand times, if they can gloss it up enough I wont care.

The combat system actually does sound fun but a little confusing so we'll just have to see.

Also there's a character creation feature, and your character will join the hero's as a silent companion. Did I mention I am a sucker for character customisation? Hell I should get a game of just that.... fricken love doing that.

One final note mind you, I'm a little familiar with the company (Level 5) since I played their last rpg and I have to say.... They'd better have learnt how to make a better storyline. Geeze.... I mean the game was good, the combat was fine and over all the storyline was alright.... But it could have been so much better. Two things come to mind... At one point your characters are heading into this tower thing and this hidden guy literally spoils the twist later in the game.... Right there! I couldn't believe that, it felt like such a betrayal. Then the ending... I'm sure it was fine for them but.... Ehhh.... My mind had already reasoned a bigger ending with loads of plot twists and horrific end bosses, so when the game delivered something rather mediocre it just irritated me.

....F***ing Japan....

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