Monday, 1 June 2009

The Bear is Real!

Now some of you may doubt my claims of madness, and if you met me in a light hearted social event (UNLIKELY) you'd probably perceive nothing out of the ordinary.

My friends on the other hand have been making a rather concrete case for my insanity and I don't doubt they plan to lock me up one day. For example, there is a bear.

No one believes me when I tell them that there is a bear on a street I walk down frequently. It lives in a persons house with its great hairy back to the window. I can only assume that it is drinking tea in there, along with his tiny yellow bear companion!

The trouble you see dear reader is that every time I try to show my friends this bear, or whenever they look for it themselves... It is no where to be found (Its real!). But whenever I'm alone there it is again! Mocking me! (I don't really want to confront it mind you... since it is a bear and plans my murder!).

Once actually I was able to show this bear to one of my friends, proving to him that I am not mad! But when he tried to show the rest of our little gang it was gone once more. So far they have assumed i have done something to his brain.

I have to remember to carry a camera with me.... to show everyone the truth of the bear!

Also once there was a kangaroo there. It is gone now. I am totally serious.

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