Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Prototype: Chapter 1 Awakening

My name is Alex Mercer.

At least that's what they called me over my autopsy.

Everything is dark. Soon I will know that I'm in a morgue, its grey walls keeping a treasure of silver beds for the dead. I can hear two men talking in the distance, they seem so far away and yet I know there close.

"Hey I knew this guy, he was Black Light" I cant see them yet, but soon I'll know their both wearing blue bio suits. I probably would have put that down as the most disturbing image if not for the morgue.
"Well hes ex-Black Light now" One of the men picks up a file and begins to read it out for the other.
"Name is Mercer, Alex J. Next of kin is Mercer, Dana A. Is that his wife?" The other man is inspecting my corpse. It is riddled with bullets, perhaps he thinks that could have been my cause of death.
"Don't know" He sounds impatient but the other man doesn't seemed to have noticed as he whispers something over the table.
"Hey... Do you think this has anything to do with the subject on the 51st floor?"
"Don't know, don't want to know, just give me the 8 inch blade and lets get started"

The world is full of light for a brief moment and I begin to breath.

The two men back away suddenly, shocked by the corpses sudden revival, they look to each other in confusion before one of them declares that they should get the hell out of here. I hear them but they sound so far away as I roll off my death bed. My mind reels as it tries to get used to the sensory overload I'm feeling, and for a brief moment I wonder why my muscles feel so odd.

The two men are leaving the room in a hurry, one of them is screaming for a kill team. It doesn't sound good, I think its time I left.

As I wonder the halls of grey I can feel spasms going through my muscles and bones, it feels like their shifting around in some sort of sick game of musical chairs. I can actually feel my bones twisting and bending around my muscles and organs and a part of me screams that's not normal.
Somehow I've managed to make my way outside without bumping into anymore creepy men in bio suits. The world outside seems strange all of a sudden, the sky is dark and featureless and the streets are only lit by a few lights. I make my way behind a large green box, I think its for trash, and then I see the bio suit men again. They've brought friends with them.

There are five armed men with them now, all wearing faceless masks and dressed all in black. The men in black seem familiar but my mind still feels like its being thrown around in a jar and I can't quite place them. They seem to be arguing with the bio suit men, until one of the black suited men nods from one of his men to the bio suit men. Shots are fired. The blue men are dead now, I don't even know why, and I suddenly get the idea that I'm next if I don't leave.

My muscles all seem to pull to their limit as I stagger out from hiding and one of the black dressed men point me out. I call, I plead to them, ask them whats going on but they don't seem to care, they just shoot me.

I must be dead again.

Yet the pain disappears so quickly its like it was never there. The bullet holes are gone and while my mind still aches I feel better then ever. Escape however preoccupies my mind and I make a run over the green box and jump over a nearby wall. I suddenly realise that I just jumped over a 8 meter high wall whilst getting shot at with hardly any effort at all.

-Part 2 added soon

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