Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Omg! Plot Twist!

Ah. Here we come Dear reader... Sooner or later we were going to come to this point and I suppose its better we get this out of the way now...

You may be wondering why my blog is called The Story Eater, and simply its because that's what I am. I thrive and live off storeys of almost any kind, it doesn't matter where they come from, I simply have a drive to devour them. Most of my storeys come from modern mediums like Tv and games but I am not opposed to comics or books, and frankly you'd think I actually do eat the books considering the state I leave them in.

For sure I prefer certain genre's over others but sometimes my tastes demand something exotic for once... Genre's that would place my manhood into question, but my hunger is too strong to deny.

But there is something important you should note reader, something that makes storeys for me far more enjoyable then they might be for you...

I can not see plot twists coming.

Nope, nada, not at all. Unless the plot twist is incredibly juvenile and overused I will not see it coming at all. In very simple storeys or frankly ones that have been hinting at it for the last hour I can sometimes predict those... But sometimes not.

The best example to prove to you that this is real is Star Wars.

I had no idea that Palpatine was the Emperor until before the third 'new' film.

I am super serious when I say this. My friends, big star wars fans, will never trust me with anything. Apparently it was one of those things everyone-knew-so-no-one-had-to-say-anything, thus no one mentioned this to me throughout the years of the first two 'new' films.

Its actually kind of a funny story how I found out. It was nearing on the day the new film was coming out, no doubt that me and my family would go watch it when it did. Before then I was watching me some Clone Wars (Not the CGI one... the good animation one where grievous kicked ass) and it was the last episode where grievous is doing his thing and killing Jedi.

Hes got a job to kidnap the head of the senate, which is of course Palpatine. So were at this scene where grievous is running away with Palpatine on his shoulder and my dad sits in his usual spot. He takes in what hes seeing silently for a bit then his eyebrows sort of scrunch and he pops the question "Why is he kidnapping the emperor?" I look at my father questioningly, assuming old age has caught up to him finally and respond.

"No no, that's Palpatine" My dad scrunches his eyebrows again then proceeds to nod his head up and down.
"No no, that's the Emperor"

There is a pause.

There is another pause.

A gear shifts within my mind.

I then get annoyed at my Dad for ruining this major plot twist right before the new movie, however he explains that its been fricken obvious to the entire world. I can not believe him. I question my Mother.

She Knows.

I question my little sister, who is a precious little princess rarely interested in things sci-fi and geeky.

She Knows.

I sit down. I realise that something has transpired here. Something that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

I can not predict plots...

Or see through make up.


Now I wont be surprised if your appalled by this tale of woe, but think about this: When you watch the latest cliche ridden crap spewed out by Hollywood you will be unimpressed.

While I will sit at the back, smile to myself and think "Wow! What a twist!"

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