Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hype Machine: New Anime

Well kiddies its that time of the year again when new series of anime begin to show up from the land of the rising sun. As usual there's quite a few new shows on offer so I'll make this short and sweet, but I must warn you dear reader... I don't think I'm gonna like this season that much.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

This one looks like it could be interesting, one of those "What if Tokyo gets hit by a horrific disaster" storeys. These ones tend to be more about the characters personal experiences rather then what happens to the city as a whole, but that's all right. After all these story's are the ones people can connect with and be like "Yeah I would totally be a dick in this situation".


No Japan, No. We've danced this dance before and I'll not be doing it again.

A story about a detective, a virus researcher, a freelance reporter, a cat mascot and a young man brought together by the strange events in the city leading to blah blah blah.

Can you feel the stupid?

Element Hunters

I'm actually interested in this one cause it sounds like it could be crazy funky.

Chemicals have been disappearing from the earth causing no end of problems until its learned there going to another earth through a dimensional wall that can only be used by people with flexible minds.

Now that is mental story telling.

Spice and Wolf 2
Now I did watch like the first couple of episodes of the first season but... Hmmmm... I'm just not a big fan of slice of life story's... If I wanted to see people living ordinary lives I'd just go outside.

Also I wasn't really in the mood for the slowly growing romance. I've found I prefer story's that introduce romance like half-way through rather then trying to get the audience to mope about it right off the bat... Of course anime doesn't do this anyway.


Its about vampires. Honestly pretty much any story, regardless from which continent, tends to fall into the same patterns.

It also seems to be about interchangeable story's. I hate this. Since its anime this side story's will be very short and if there interesting there will be no where near enough time to explore them.

Umineko no Kara Koro ni (That was not fun typing)

Hell yeah.

The head of a wealthy family is dead and its time to spilt the money, but the inheritors get trapped in a house together after a storm.

Then people start to die.

Its like an anime of murder in the dark, only with real murder, Bwahaha.

Hetalia Axis Powers 2

My friends would like this.

Its very racist.

Princess Lover
No Japan.

Grow up.


Weib Schwarz

What can I say? I'm a sucker for card games...

God damn Yu-Gi-Oh.

Well here's the whole list for anyone interested:


But I got to say I'm not to thrilled by the choices, I mean alot of the stuff on offer is just retreading the same things over and over. I'll try to keep an eye on some of the other ones but I'm not really expecting any of them to be sleeper hitters. Also there's always the danger that they don't get subbed (Where the f*** is my Kemono! Blragfuklag!) but here's hoping that the good ones do get it.

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