Thursday, 4 June 2009

Dream: The Dragon Machine

I had an odd dream last night dear reader. I don't doubt that a large part of it was influenced by watching reign of fire before going to bed, but there were other parts I have no idea where they came from.

I was standing in a green field, surrounded by a line of forest to one end and a cliff to the other. The trees looked old and undisturbed, they seemed like a total barrier for the brief moments I paid them any attention. The cliff lead down to the sea, its mighty blue waves crashing against the rocks. The sun was high in the sky and it was a good day.

I was myself yet not myself. Something you need to understand reader is that my dreams are not always about me, they are about apart of me. A character of me if you will. For as I understand when I write a story a piece of me goes into every character, and for a long time my dreams have acted as story's for a character of myself.

There were others with me, I knew I did not knew them very well but still i considered them friends. There was a light hearted girl, a roguish older man, and there were others I think but i never saw them.

I can't quite remember but I believe we were talking about seeking seven rubies, I think we already had one. I don't know why they were important, but they were.

Then the dragon appeared.

Honestly it was huge. Massive. My companions were rather worried when it began to swoop down towards us. Yet as it flipped us off our feet and swallowed us whole I was never really worried myself, more surprised I think.

Inside the dragon we landed on a wooden floor. I looked around and couldn't really believe what I was seeing. Brown metal pipes that matched the wood sprung out of every corner, many of them leading to certain machines covered in glass veils filled with colourful liquids. A rather large man appeared before us (He was fat but its not polite to say that) and began to apologies to us.

It seemed that the man had created a home inside this dragon, but he did not control the dragon at all. Rather he could use the liquids, by draining them etc, to sort of suggest it do certain things or go to certain places. Apparently alot of the time the dragon just did what it wanted.

Now dear reader I did not doubt that we were inside a dragon, for the ceiling was curved into a semi circle, and whenever the dragon moved the room would sway. I recall there being another girl in the dragon, but she seemed almost wild and I never really got a good look at her.

Anyway we explained our quest to the man and after thinking for awhile produced a ruby of his own (It was attached to some ornament, I don't know what it was, but we removed it from it). This was the strange part reader, for after that we discovered that each of us also had another ruby we were never aware of. So we laid them all onto a table, rubies of every colour and shape. It was then, I assume it was the rubies, that we received a vision, or rather a message.

A man who was slowly turning into a tree had been running away from something. He explained to us that he had found the rubies and had given them to us to look after. Somehow we all knew the rubies had to be taken somewhere, but none of us knew where. We just knew.

There were arguments, light ones mind, about what we should do, my roguish friend being the biggest fan of just leaving and going home (Whilst we were talking the dragon had lifted off once more and the room moved around alot, so the conversation looked really funny with us being thrown all over the place). In the end however he agreed to come with us.

We watched one of the veils fill up with a blue liquid (It may have been yellow) and the big man explained that it meant the dragon was about to eat something, but for real this time. It was apparently important to put the net up at the entrance so we weren't covered in 'bits'.

Lastly I remember the big man taking one of the rubies to his study, where everything had been tied down firmly to examine it.

Then I awoke dear reader.

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  1. No! I want to know more!
    I know the feeling of being you and not exactly you in a dream. And some times the "watcher me" filling holes in the plot of the "character me". So many of my dreams were later turned into actual stories.