Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Rant Rant

Well I haven’t had a good rant for quite some time, and I do enjoy doing them, so it seems like now’s a good chance to do another.

My Stories

What’s it like being unimaginative? I suppose it must get frustrating when you need to come up with a new idea for something. But surely this means you can focus your mind on the tasks of everyday life, perhaps writing a blog?

Do you know what it’s like to be too imaginative? I bloody do, and let me tell you while its fun going off into lala land about one thing or another it is not fun trying to write them down. Why you ask? Easy dear reader, because it would literally destroy my day trying to write down all the stories I come up with on a daily bases. That’s right reader, for every story I post up here there’s probably another three I have not mentioned.

If you simply scroll down into some of my stories they are unfinished, or have taken me a few days to get around to writing down. This is partly due to my day being eaten up by work but also due to the fact I have already thought up the beginning, middle and ending of the possibly book length tale and have thus already moved onto the next one.

The short story of Kavrose’s Sky Platoon for example is the ending of his tale... When I finally finished that off I had not only constructed his entire life story, but the history of his sky world, how its economy works and basically everything you needed to know before writing an epic. But it doesn’t end there reader, after I’d done thinking about Kavrose I had already moved onto three other stories one of which is my short Demon Knight story.

Don’t believe me? Since I started this blog my ideas have just flowed as they normally do, so I shall now introduce you to the titles of some of the unwritten stories that live only in my head:

The Dragon Prophet
Left Handed- Through the Eyes of a Serial Killer
Lost Kingdom
Prototype (The Alteration)

I could list some of my forgotten tales (The many I have thought up over my life) but frankly the list is too long... and of course I have completely forgotten many of them.

Anime- One Piece

Ah One Piece... you truly make my week.

For those of you that don’t know One Piece is an anime about Pirates, which is awesome. The show falls into a genre called shonen which is basically aimed at kids aged 10-18 and usually involves extended fight scenes. Just think Dragon Ball Z, but keep in mind nothing has really out done how long their fights lasted.

Now for those of you that do know One Piece you’ll probably be already decided about it, either falling into disliking it or loving it. I love it. I’m sure you can easily list off the things that put you off about One Piece, from the long fights to the general childish tone of the series.

However I would like to say that having a childish story line does not necessarily make it stupid. A children’s story book may not have the most complicated plot, but a good writer who understands his audience will be able to tell a rip-roaringly good tale regardless. What I’m trying to say is your missing out if you only partake in ‘mature’ tales.

There’s alot of things I love about One Piece, one of the most important being that it makes me laugh. In some stories a serious scene can flip like a coin into comedy, but usually returns to serious in order to conclude it, in One Piece some of the fights are downright duels to the death that are somehow fricken hilarious. I cannot even begin to explain how the hell this works, just picture for a moment a swordsmen turning into some sort of giraffe man and despite being funny as hell is seriously threatening. Priceless.

That’s another thing I like about One Piece, despite there being a massive roster of characters most of them are completely different from one another. Some of the characters are just so... original. The reason for this is because some of the character combinations (I.e. a glasses wearing swordswomen) are completely mad, which perhaps people have thought of before but never had the balls to actually use them.

Look at these guys!

Anyway, I could go on to tell you about the awesome devil fruit powers etc etc, but I came here mostly to talk about one thing. While for the most part One Piece is funny, silly, or in the middle of hardcore fights... There are the some moments of pure brilliance. I’ve watched Bleach and Naruto and I have to say, some of their best scenes cannot compare to One Pieces diamond scenes.

As far as I see it Bleach really only has a few truly amazing scenes, the main one being when we learn who the true villain of the series is. Naruto has a few powerful scenes, mostly when he’s making some sappy connection to his enemy (No one loved us as children! Wah!). But One Piece has these perfect scenes which are so simple, so straight forward they hit you at your core. Now I’m not talking about those scenes where the hero unleashes his final attack or transforms or something... those are just cool scenes... I’m talking about scenes that sometimes use no super powers at all, and show you how human these beasts of power really are.

A recent episode had one such scene. (Spoilers)

Basically the crew are fighting against these very powerful guys, things are looking bad and help seems nowhere in site... Then things get worse. There’s this powerful dude they met before called Kuma, who basically has the power of repelling things with his hands, and he shows up. What he does you see is, when he hits you he can send you flying for like 2-3 days and you could end up anywhere. He goes to town on the crew. One by one he makes them disappear, and while there not dead they are lost. Luffy the captain of the crew, who is powerful as hell, can do nothing to stop this... and when you’ve been watching this show as long as I have you understand that he only got this powerful so he could protect his friends... Yet he is useless here. While we as the audience know that nothing too bad can ever really happen Luffy doesn’t know this... and thus reacts in a natural way.

The scene is frankly heart braking and beautiful to watch. By the end only Luffy is left and his reaction is so sad to watch, you can almost feel the bitter taste of total defeat and powerlessness coming from him. It’s for scenes like this that I watch One Piece.

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