Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 17

Remus: What the hell? You can speak to animals? Your psychic powers aren't completely useless? What sort of crazy place is this!
Rinda: Oh your so funny... were on Primus of course... where we live in peace with no violence... thanks to the shield that protects our world.

Rinda: We'll always be safe so long as were not attacked by space assholes.

Meanwhile at the Space Asshole command center.

Amn: Space assholes- I mean, Mutants! Today is the day we finally get through that shield and kill the last remnants of the human race!

Maid: Bulb Bulb, I have a fish for a brain.

Marius: I think I've solved our problem! Since everyone here is a massive pussy, all we need to do is go back in time and get a hero from the age of violence!

Girl: Omg your so hot.

Amn: Damn this shield! We'll break through yet!

Marius: So, the plan is to go back in time and bring back a hero to do all the fighting for us!

Mage: The council approves!

Old Man: Yeah, were seriously lazy.

Kar Mos: You Guys! Why are we in crystals? That's retarded! Yooouuuu Guuuyyyysss!

Marius: Ok, so that's the plan. Its pretty simple... Now remember... Just bring back a hero for us, ok?

(Green) Astreas: We can totally do that.
(Blue) Istavan: I don't want to.... Time travel sounds dangerous.

Astreas & Istavan: Time snail activate!

Astreas: Oh wow, were in the past... Oh look! Locals! Lets say hello...

Solider: Lets f*** em up!

Guin: De de de... Walking down the road... De de de...

Suni: Guuiiiinnnn.... I have had a vision... You must go to the future to protect mankind....

Guin: Wait, are you telling me to just drop everything I'm doing... and leave behind everything I know and love? Don't you think that's kind of a dick move? Suni?... Suni? Oh bitch.

Soilder: So then we put them in the basement....

Naris: So these guys are from the future.... Where they can make time machines.... But no guns?

Naris: I like the sound of that... I could rule it.... Call it.... Naris land.... Yeah...

Naris: Oh I am so sorry... Total misunderstanding... I hear you need a hero? I can do that!

Astreas: I think we can trust this guy, he's got an honest face...

Istavan: He doesn't have a face!

Astreas: That's how you can tell he's not lying...

Istavan: Man, no wonder you got butt raped.

Naris:... This is your time machine? Totally unfabulous.

Guin: Naris! So your the f***er who's been taking all my screen time!

Naris: Uh oh.

Naris: Well.... Surprise! I know magic! Crush you with a rock!

Guin: Surprise! I don't care! I'm going to kill you!

Astreas: What do we do? I can't tell which ones the bad one, their both crazy!

Istavan: Eh, just take them both.

Astreas: Isn't that really irresponsible?

Istavan: I don't care, I just want to go home.

Marius: Great your back!.... With two guys... I gave you guys one f***ing job....

Naris: Oohh, Mutants, maybe I should rule those guys? Since they have guns...

Naris: And to impress them, I think I'll kill you guys!

*Guin shoots a beam of light at the falling tree*

Guin: Holy shit! Since when did I have magic powers?

Marius: Quickly, you two get the women out of here!

Istavan: What? We can't leave this guy to fight them alone, there's no way-

Guin: I'm Guin Motherf***er, sit down.... and take some notes.... I'm gonna go to school on these guys.

Solider: We are the mutants! Feared across the entire solar system! None can stand before-

Soilder: Ahhh! Oh my god! How did you do that?!

Guin: I'm going to start stabbing you now.... I don't know when I'll stop.

Marius: Thank you Guin! You have saved the human race!

Guin: James, what the f*** is this?

James: Its... its the new Guin Saga post...

Guin: No its not... This is clearly He-Man, you didn't even try and hide the name in the first picture.

James: .... I was trying to be funny....
Guin: Well I don't find it funny James, do it properly next time or I'm gonna kill ya.

James: What? But.... But your not real?

Guin: Dude.... I am Guin.... I'll become real through sheer force of will, then I will kill you. Do it right motherf***er, or I'm coming for you.

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