Friday, 20 November 2009

Game Review: Haze

So reader, what games can you buy cheap for the ps3? Turns out Haze.

What a tragedy.

Even at the low low price you can get it now I'm not sure it's worth it. That's right, it's that bad. But if there is a single reason to get it I would say it makes an excellent study in design.

The real problem with the game reader is not the bad storyline, the half-hearted gun play, or even the awful driving sections... No the real problem with this game is the fact it had the potential to be truly great. As you play it you can see all the good idea's dancing around in the background, but unfortunately there's this big ogre that keeps punching you in the face.

The story is all about you joining up to Mantel in order to fight the good fight against some truly horrible people. A hero of the people, you go out there with your super suit and enhancing drugs to liberate the people. But as your suit begins to malfunction and a world covered in gore and blood opens up to you, your left to wonder, am I really on the right side?

A good question, if it wasn't answered in all of its own adverts, and five seconds into the game. See that was only one mistake among many, if they didn't tell everyone and made it much more subtle, it could have easily been a massive twist. But no, the mantel troopers are made out to be a bunch of meat heads who tell poor jokes, and kill everything on sight. Funnily enough I actually prefered there company, cause if you let yourself get into a meat head mindset, then it really does become loads of fun just shooting/burning/exploding everyone you come across.

The main gimmick of the game is to do with your soldiers special abilities, Mantel troopers get an awesome zoom, super strength, enemies glow while your high on nectar and finally... being high on nectar. The rebels get a rolling evasion, pretending to be dead, can hide grenades in the floor (This is very rarely useful cause your always pushing forward) and can pick up any ammo and use it for their current gun. Another interesting thing with the mantel troopers is they can overdose on nectar (The rebels can also cause this with traps or a tap to the back of the suit), these are fun because you go crazy, fire at anything that moves, and sometimes pull a grenade out and blow yourself up. Sadly there is only one trap in the game that causes it, which is... eh.
Normally I'd point out what the storyteller could have done differently.... but looking at it... Honestly, while thinking the game up I think they had it. You can see the good idea's behind all the muck, so it just makes you wonder where it went wrong exactly? Was there not enough time? Cut backs? Lack of expertise? Who knows.

The badness of the game play just goes on, you hit these really irritating bits and its like, why did you even put this bit in? A good example is when you have to fight a tank.

Me: There's a tank, what do I do?
Rebel guy: You need a rocket.
Me: Ok, where is it?
Rebel: Don't know, go look for it.
Me: Are you shitting me? There are infinitely respawning enemies, the tank can kill me in like one hit, there are at least twenty bland buildings it could be in!
Rebel: Down with mantel!
Another thing, the game as a Mantel is way too short... and after you join the rebels... they all shout like "Down with Mantel" and shit.... and its like "At least the mantel guys made me laugh... this sucks".

It really seems like they aimed for the moon, but got so caught up in the dream they accidentally made a machine that crushes your balls instead.

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