Monday, 16 November 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: The End

Naris: You have returned! It's so good to see both of you.

Remus: Likewise *Note to self, he's onto you.... burn his house down*

Remus: What the hell? Rinda gets more cheering then me? Oh right.... They don't know she sucks now.

Guin: Damn, glad that's over with, I am so gone.

Suni: Guin.... Don't.... Don't go....

Guin: Holy shit! You can talk! Since when? Have... have you been playing us... are... are you the smartest person in this anime...? Okay, yeah, I really need to leave now.

Rinda: Yay! I want you all to meet my friend Guin!

Naris: That's nice Rinda, maybe you can invite your imaginary friend to tea, Hmm?

Rinda: He's not imaginary! He's.... not here.... your giving me abandonment issues Guin!

Remus: Father, Mother... I am home.

King: Bitch... are these even my kids....?

Mother: Watch this episode at oooohhh

Suni: Guin.... Already... Already gone....

Correct reaction: Holy shit! You can talk!

Rinda: *sniff*

Amn: I've realised that the downfall of Mongol was my fault.

There is a god!

Amn: Yes... My fault for listening to my father! I should have just done everything my way!

Damn you Satan! You ruin everything good in this world!

Rinda: Oh wow.... I just had this crazy dream where the whole city burnt down and everyone we know and love died.... then we went on this wacky adventure where everyone was trying to kill us for no good reason, and I got a pet monkey and-

Rinda: Oh.... Oh yeah... Right.

Rinda misses the old Remus for a little bit, she is also the only person in the world who perfers the old Remus. No one else does.

Guin: Doe doe di do do.... Do do do doe.....

Istavan: Well well well, if it isn't Guin.

Guin: What the f*** do you want? And how the hell did you find me?

Istavan: I want to rule my own nation... and I need your help... Please become my right hand Guin.

Guin: Stand up, Istavan. I'm sorry if I never made this clear to you before, but I hate you Istavan, you are a grade A douche. Why on earth would I ever want to do anything for you?

Istavan: Please Guin! I've lived my whole life relying on only myself, but now I understand that I need help if I'm ever going to get the kingdom I am destined for!

Guin: Look, I am done with this... I am done doing shit for other people... Hanging around with the Twins, I got attacked by an army... assassins... monsters... and I can never unhear the retarded things I've heard... I am making my own path from now on, and nothing you say will change that.

Istavan: If words will not work... then I will just have to defeat you!

Istavan: Draw your sword Guin! Fight me with all your might! Destiny is on my side! And I don't believe it will let me die here!

Guin: Is this a joke?

Guin: Oh my god... Your not joking.


Remus: I look ridiculous.

Priset: Now sit upon the throne! If the gods deem you pure of heart you will become King! Unless your harboring dreams of world conquest, then I think they'll strike you down.


Remus: *Fffffffffffffffff**********

Remus: Huh, that wasn't so bad.

Istavan: What are you waiting for? Fight me Guin!

Guin: Heh.... Hehehe.... Hahaha.... HAHAHAH.

Istavan: Take me seriously damn it!

Guin: AHAHAHAHA! Oh man.... Priceless.... you think you can fight.

Istavan: F*** you!

Istavan: I will defeat you Guin, and claim my destiny!

Guin: Ah.... This has been fun.... But I'm not fighting you.

Guin: Just put the sword down and walk away, I mean it.

Istavan: Screw you! I will wi-

Istavan: Ow! F***! Let me go, you asshole!

Guin: Alright! That's it! You want a fight? Then lets fight!
Guin: Burning!

Istavan: Finally, now we- Wait, what?

Guin: Knuckle!
Istavan: OH SHI-

Guin: Bomb!

Istavan: AHHHH! OH GOD!

Guin: That real enougth for ya?!

Remus: Hahaha! Now I am the King!

Rinda: Ah! Remus is evil!

Naris: Seriously? Your noticing this now? Everyone else knew like ten episodes ago.

Guin: Well, that was fine, but I'm out you guys....

Roll credits:

???: Destiny!

Who the f*** is this?

Maid: So.... want to make out?

Ah Amn, you were the worst character by far, not useless..... just so dumb I wish you were useless.

Oh hey! Astreas! How ya do- oh right... prison... dont drop the soap!

But hey, even if you do, at least it wont be the first time right?

Remus, you went from being one of the worst to being rather cool. But you'll always be a whiny bitch in my eyes.

Naris is a dickhead, and besides... what the hell is his job exactly? Freeloader!

All the praying in the world wont make you suck less Rinda.

They should make a spin off series with Suni, she's getting better everyday.

Bet he lost a tooth cause of that punch... or a jaw...

Maybe he's dead?

Good, I hate him.

While I did skip your story, it was sad... So.... sucks tol be you.

James: The End

Guin: Thats it huh? What next?

James: Urr, I dont think there is a next?

Guin: What are you serious? But that ending had no closure! Why wouldn't they carry on the series?

James: *Points down*

Guin: Whats that say...? In memory of.... Thats the writer isn't it?... Oh..... OH... I see.... That sucks....
Guin: Well, at least I still have my job at Tekken.

Guin: I'm King Motherf***er!


  1. Hahaha, that was awesome, so true. Why Rinda sucked so bad at the end? She started as a rather interesting -a bit annoying- character. Still, my favorite turned to be Naris, first time I like an inescrupulous character.


  2. Hey, I agree with Anon! I love Naris -- he was cunning, and as you blatantly stated, the smartest character in the anime.
    And he's hot.

    Some person.

  3. It sucks that you have to read the 100+ novels to finish the story--and they'll probably never be published stateside. I've also read that because of Kurimoto's untimely death, you NEVER find out just what the hell Guin is, nor do you discover the meaning of the word "Aurra".

    I'm with you, man. Istavan is a douche. I hated the guy once he started ogling Rinda (I've since then been referring to the guy as "Pedovan™").

    1. Pedovan? He's only 5 years older than her. And in that setting a girl of 15 is a grown woman that can be wed, not a child. Also, for all his faults, Istavan really felt for Rinda.

  4. Seriously?? She died before revealing what he is and what Aurra means??? No way!!! Aw man, this'll drive me crazy now. I hate when information is out of my reach.