Saturday, 24 October 2009

Happy Endings

Saw something interesting that got me thinking reader.

It was some TV show talking about a film, didn’t seem like one of those normal late night shows with goofy presenters, but rather one of those up tight ‘arty’ discussion of film. For the record I kinda loath ‘arty’ people, because alot of them are too wrapped up in their own ideals and are too eager to share/force their opinions on others... Look man, not my fault you think it’s about the ageless struggle of man when in fact it’s clearly about a man wrestling a bear.

They were talking about a film with an apocalyptic setting where a father and son must edge out a life in a lifeless world. One of the guys talking was every ‘arty guy’ stereotype I ever seen, he had the voice, the look, everything. They discussed how the depressing outlook and visual cues of the beginning seemed to lead onto to a tragedy of film, but actually their happy because the films saving grace is the story about the relationship of the father and son showing light in an otherwise dim world.

Wait, WTF? You... You wanted a happy ending?

Reader, I find it hard to deny the end of the world every passing day. First its visions of emissaries of darkness, infinity ward cancelling dedicated servers and now art critics like happy endings... Whatever happen to art critic depending... you know, more substance and deeper meanings? Since when was falling back into happy endings acceptable?

Get this right, they even say that in the world of the movie everything will die one day but are happy that the story of the two showed a little hope... You just said everything was going to die? How can there be any hope in a world like that? Unless they found some sharpened glass they can trip onto, that would seem kinda lucky.

I’m just angry reading because we live in a society obsessed with happy endings. I’m not saying I don’t like happy endings, it’s just every now and again a story needs to remind people that not everything’s going to work out. I feel we shouldn’t praise a film for being dark and then giving us a happy ending cause... well... I’ve basically described every film ever.

I mean, alot of my story’s have happy or at least ‘satisfactory endings’, but not always... But when I was much younger and my storeys were fantasies of myself in far off lands. In one I got the power of a robot suit and did battle with evil civilisations and corrupt governments. Things were looking up for the universe, right up until the point I was eating with some friends and a space sniper blew my brains out.

What you have to understand is the way I construct my fantasies and storeys. There is an element of what I want to happen, but once the story and the setting are elaborated just enough it takes flight away from me, at that point it’s not about what I want to happen but rather what would happen. I never say to myself “ok, then the pirate will switch sides and be my friend forever” I go “In this situation, what would the pirate do? Oh yeah, stab me... cause what the hell do I have to offer him?”. That’s exactly what happened here, none of the villains could take me in an even fight so they did the logical thing... get an assassin.

Not even my super suit could predict a bullet coming out of nowhere from god knows how far away, none of my friends had the ability to detect it either. So I lost my brain.

I was pretty sad when that happened, it can be kinda jarring imaging your own brains spraying all over the place as your lifeless body hits the floor. But still, I didn’t shy away from it, stamp my feet and demand a redo... That is how that story ended and nothing can change that. I come up with a rather depressing story for myself every now and again, because how can I be happy if I don’t know what it’s like to be sad?

On a funnier note the thing that taught me that bad endings could be awesome was the Mortal Kombat TV show. That thing was awesome, I’d watch it all the time. Every day the goodies would step up to lay a heap of hurt on the bad guys, and it was the right kinda action to keep me interested. Then one day the bad guys final plan came into play....

He killed or laid the biggest smackdown on all the good guys, at the end of the day, evil was victorious.

“Hahaha, I am here to ruin your shit!”

It was amazing. I didn’t consider it a betrayal of the shows ideals or just cheap, I loved this ending. Showing that if you try hard enough, and truly believe in yourself and the power of teamwork you too can kill that annoying hero and send earth into a spiral of agony and slavery forever.

Dreams really can come true.

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