Saturday, 21 November 2009

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 2

Bum1: Damn these foreign company's, what have they ever done for us?
Bum2: You mean, other then rebuilding our city's infrastructure? Or improving our standard of living? Or all the economic growth we get now?
Bum3: They took our jobs!

Sak: You don't have jobs cause your a bunch of lazy bums!

Saki's sugar count *ding* 1

Walter: Everyone this is your new member, his name is Haruki.... Yes I know... It sound like a girls name, just try to be nice to him.

Har: Hello everyone! I... Errr....

Saki: Don't worry... there just mad cause James skipped their openings in episode 1.

Har: Oh... I see.... I've heard about you! I was really-

Saki: Whoa... Whoa.... I didn't say you could talk to me.

Bitch1: So I heard the new kid is actually the company presidents son...
Bitch3: Is that important to the plot?
Bitch1: It is actually.

*During a mission*
Har: Take this! Dakka dakka dakka!

Terror bot: Beep voop?

Rudra: Nice, you hit everything expect the Terror Bot.

Intel: Terror bots down, more have been found upahead.

Har: Urr... Oh! On my way!

Har: I'm here to help-

Saki: Too late, were already done.

Har: Oh man...

Sak: There's one more going up this... pipe thing... go stop it.

Har: I'll take the lead!

Saki: What? No! Don't do that!

Terror Bot: Beep Kill Bop!

Har: Oh god!

*Saki catches Har's mech as it falls*

Saki: Har....

Har: Y... Yeah?

Saki: Why are you as stupid as f***?

Har: I really messed up there, huh?

Sak: Yep, you sure did.

Har: *sigh*... Urr, why did you join up then?

Sak:... Money, duh.

Har: I want to protect this city... My father... He's wrong....

Sak: That's.... Nice... why are you telling me this?

Saki overhears their conversation... through a metal door... does... does Saki have super powers?

Intel: Move out Viper Squad!

What the hell? They even have tubes to slide down to get to their bikes? Why don't they have a theme song?
Oh that is it, by the end of this lets watch I will have made a theme song.

Rudra: Great, we go looking for shit, and its not even here.

Har: I picked something up a bit below us.

Rudra: Eh... Nah, we don't get paid for looking outside the search area, so pass.

Har: Grr... Then I'll go by myself!

Har: Saki? Your coming with me? Why?

Saki: Shits and giggles mostly.

Har:Oh... There they are.

Har: The hell?

Sak: The track there isn't powered! Your mech's gonna shut down!

Sak: Quickly Saki! Go help him!

Saki: Can't. Kinda busy.

Har: Oh god! I'm going to die!

Sak: Don't give up... Use the power of friendship!

Har: The f*** you talking about?! Friendship can't power my mech!

Sak: Just think of something!

Har: I'll use the missiles manually!

Har: F*** you terror bots!

Sak: Great! Now turn around and help-

Saki: No need, I'm done, there all dead.

Sak: Wait... Could you have done that at any time? Did you leave Har to die on purpose?

Saki: Maybe.... Sorry my bad.

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