Friday, 10 December 2010

Lets Watch Ironman: Part 6

Hacker: I'll show Tony! I'll show them all!

Penny: Hey Tony, I wanted to check in on you... See how your settling into Japan-

Tony: Last night I slept with 10 different people.... one after the other.... I don't even know who they were...

Penny:.... I'm hanging up now Tony.

Tony: Ok Penny, catch ya later.

Tony: The hell? My security systems on the blitz?

Tony: Couldn't be anything wrong with my system so the only logical explanation is....

Tony: Oh my god! It finally happened! The robots have rebelled! I knew this day would come!

Tony: Oh Tan! Thank god I found you, quick we have to escape to my bunker and work on repopulating the earth after the robot revolution is over.

Tan: Tony, the robots aren't rebelling... someones just trying to hack our systems... I mean it's not like you would design sentient AI just so you could put them into menial work like dusting.

Tony:...... Oh...... OH! Yes! Hahaha! Of course not.... That would make me a monster.

Robot: Master...? What is a soul?

Tony: Quiet you!

Tony:... Sooooo.... about that hacker?

Tan:... Right.... the Hacker... Urmm... Yeah he seems to be trying to take over all our systems so he can get to the Arc reactor.

Tony: Hahaha, what? Are you stupid? That's not how hacking works. The reactor isn't even connected to the power grid let alone any sort of Internet cable... You'd have to be a massive retard to attach it's operations to the Internet.

Tony: Oh i get it! I bet your one of those people who think Hacking is all about silly little pictures clogging up your screen.

Tan: Tony I know-

Tony: Oh no Tan! He's hacked all our Isp's! What will we ever do? I guess he'll just take over a highly complex and completely solitary system using his leet skills.

Tan: Tony you don't-

Tony: Oh no Tan! He's gonna hack the whole country and make all the traffic and trains go crazy!

Tan: Look just-

Tony: Uh oh! The banks will be in trouble now! They'll just start shooting out money for no reason at all!

Tan: Don't be such a je-

Tony: Well I guess I'd have to take responsibility and trap the virus in my Armour, because that would totally make sense.

Tan: If you would-

Tony: Finally I'd have to have a metaphysically battle with the virus itself....

Tony: In the form of a giant shark....

Tony: And that is what a retarded person thinks hacking is.

Tan:.... You done?

Tony: Yes.

Tan: Well we still have to do something about it.

Tony: Ok, watch this.... Computer, block the hacker.

Computer: Done Sir.

Tony: There, was that really so hard?

Tan: Wait, you have an Ai assistant?

Tony: Of course I do, I take him everywhere with me... I'd be an absolute retard not bring him to Japan with me.

(The anime doesn't have his computer assistant... despite the fact it could solve the vast majority of his problems)

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