Friday, 17 December 2010

Lets Watch Ironman: Part 8

Tony: So Tan, I was thinking later we'd-

Tan: Urm... I'm sorry Tony.... I'm just.... so confused right now.

Tony: Damn, I telly you what Computer... She's a hard nut to crack. But I'm close.... I can feel it..... in my penis...

Computer: Urgggg.... Why am I able to feel disgusted?

Tony: Shit! Kid in the road!

Aki: Hiii!

Tony:... Sooo..... Your saying your from Zodiac? I'll be honest with you... Women have made bigger lies in order to go out to dinner with me.

Aki: But I'm not lying, look I have psychic powers.

Tony: Ohmygod that would be great at parties-

Tony: I mean.... What a terrible burden you carry.

*The next day*

Tony: What on earth are you doing down here?

Aki: I'm cleaning!

Tony: Silly girl, I have robot slaves for that.... now go answer the door. If it's a guy with claws tell him there might be sandwich in my trash for him.

Tan: Hey Tony-W.... Who are you?

Aki:... I'm.... Tony's Daughter!

Tan: She's.... Not really your daughter.... right?

Tony: Well..... Statistically.... Everyone is my child... See, I went back to the past a few times.... and well long story short Bishop told me not get frisky and... I didn't listen.

Aki: Is that what you were doing last night with that blond lady? I thought you were wrestling?

Tony: Ahhh! Shut up little girl!

Tan: Hmph, I have some things I need to do.

Tony: Wait! No! Come back! DAMN IT!

Tony: You just broke my number 1 cardinal rule little girl.... No one.... and I mean no one is allowed to ruin Tony Starks relationships.... But Tony, or his wing man, alcohol.

Aki: I'm sorry....

Tony: .... Awww don't be sad.... I know! Lets go on a walk, thats what kids do right?

Tony: Ugh.... See isn't this fun?

Aki: Mister Tony.... Do you even know how to walk? You fell over like three times?

Tony: Ok.... I'll be honest... walking is for poor people.

Saku: Tony Stark... I'm with child services, we've been looking for that little girl.

Tony:.... Your not with child services....

Saku:.... He's on to us! Taze him!

Tony: Wh-AHHH!

Tony: GAH! That was so unnecessary!

Saku: Sorry about that, but the little girls dangerous.... she can control metal.

Tony: So she's like Magneto?

Saku: No, she can control metal with her mind.

Tony: So like Magneto?

Saku: No! She can even lift you just by using the iron in your blood.

Tony: So like Magneto?

Saku: Look shut up, ok?!

*Generic plot battle against Zodiac!*

Tony: So Aki, did you enjoy your anime adventure?

Aki: I sure did Mr Tony Sir! I especially liked the cyborg dolphins!

Tony: Yes, I doubt we will ever see their like again.

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