Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lets Watch Ironman: Part 5

Tony: Ok.... If I can just work this out I can have the rest of day to goof around...

Computer: It's nice to see you doing actual work for once... Wait.... What is that?

Tony: What? My orange Juice?

Computer:.... Tony... That is not orange juice..... It's giving off radiation....

Tony:..... Ok.... I'll level with you.... It's not orange juice.

Computer: What is it then?

Tony: Well.... You know how the arc station is nuclear powered? Well they were shipping out some of the waste product... and I just helped myself to some...

Computer: Tony-

Tony: And like 10 bottles of unlabeled alcohol.

Computer: Tony, you cant drink that.

Tony: Pfft, what are you? My mum? Just chill out ok? Whats the worst that could happen?

Tony: AUUURGGG..... Oawww... My head....

Computer: Tony your awake!

Tony: Urggg..... Not so loud.... Where-

Tony: What the f***! Computer! Computer! How the f*** did I get into space!

Computer: Well.... You've.... Umm..... been busy....

Tony: Like doing what?

Solider: Sir, we have a problem.... it's Tony.... Hes gone banana's.

Saku: Finally snapped huh?

Solider: No... What I mean is.... he's actually stolen every banana within 50 miles.... something about them trying to take over his mind.

Soilder: Oh god! He just robbed another liquor store!

Saku: My god....

Medic1: What happened to this guy?

Medic2: Tony spat in his face, and he instantly got alcohol poisoning.

Medic1: Jesus!

Solider: Tony Stark! Get down on the floor!

Tony: Hahaha! Foolish puppet, you can not have the gold, for I control the rainbow!

Tan: Oh god there all dead!

Computer: Tony! Listen to me! Painting the suit gold and putting on giant rockets will not let you speak to plants!

Tony: Silence talking box! I have a world to dazzle!

Tony: hello good sir! Do you know the way to the haberdashers!

Pilot: AHH! Holy shit!

Tony: Mother! I have become a star!

Zodiac: What the hell? How did Iron Man find us? In space?

Iron Man: I'm gonna have space sushi!

Zodiac: Wha-AHHHH!


Computer: Then you went unconscious for a few hours.

Tony: Huh... Well... I've had worse.... But just in case every ones still pissed lets get our story straight.

Computer: What story? Everyone knows you did it?

Tony: Nope.... A skrull did it.

Computer:.... Are you suggesting we just tell everyone an alien disguised as you went on a massive bender? Isn't that a betrayal to everyone you know? Just freeing yourself from any and all obligations to explaining yourself?

Tony: Shhh, do you hear that? That's the sound of the skrull plotting once again...

Computer: Hrmmm....

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