Monday, 13 December 2010

Hype: Anime Spring 2011 (Fake)

Merry Christmas!

Have I got a gift for you! More anime! Isn't it everything you ever wanted?


Well tough shit, anime's what you get.

Muvluv Alternative

No idea what this is. Apparently a sequel? The robots look cool, so.... No I'm too lazy....

The circle is not yet complete... It'll be a long time before I suddenly watch a shit loud of anime (As there does appear to be a few gems I missed.... mostly cause my current short attention span has no time for them).

Ghost in the Shell 3
Look if you actually know anything about anime you know what this is.

I only watched the movies myself, always meant to give the series a try.... but lazy... (It's my theme)

Tengen Toppa Gurran Lagann: The Spiral King

F*** YES!

Sailor Moon

Wow, really? A remake? Of Sailor Moon? You know, I never imagined that.... but it does make sense as it is a popular series...

I might watch one episode, just to see how they handle it... For those of you who don't know Sailor Moon was one of those gateway anime, like Dragonball Z it told kids that overseas things were more awesome and interesting. It also had a gay guy.... and as a kid when you find out, you laugh... because the way they covered it up is the funniest shit ever.

But you'll still look at it and be like "....Nah.... No way that's a dude"


It's about an owl called Daventi as he explores the world seeking his long last grandpa. What starts as a journey of discovery and adventure quickly turns into a race against time as Daventi learns of the power of the jewels of Cantro.

He is constantly surprised.

(Shut up, you would totally watch this)

The Left Hand of Darkness

I...wha-Huh? Oh this looks mental.

Yep, this is definitely the kind of anime you want to what whilst your tripping balls.

You heard it here first.

Final Fantasy VI

Wow, there actually making an anime of a FF game? Rather then something random (Do not say something about bad about FF:Ultimate, if you didn't like it it's because your dead inside).

I actually did play a fair amount of this one, so I've got a good idea how the story plays out. I'll probably give it a miss for that reason, but I think fans will be very happy with the choice (Because the 7 fans need to shut the hell up)

Code Geass: Lelouch of the High School Rebellion

Really? Out of the Code Geass series you thought everyone missed the high school part? Really? That's the part everyone couldn't live without? Not the fun and interesting plots? We missed the high school hijinks's?

Ok, give me your writers pen. Your not allowed it anymore. I revoke your right to write.


Actually a pretty good turn out considering the past.

Could use a few more giant robots mind....

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