Thursday, 23 December 2010

Game Review: Prince of Persia (2008)

Now I've not had a good relationship with the prince of Persia games.... Oh there good games, nothing bad about that.... it's just.... As someone who picks apart story lines and notices architecture, the things put int just offended me in very possible way. Don't even ask me about it (Basically none of the traps make any sense in any context).

The newest one in the 'franchise' is detached from the others, and could very well be an another universe for all we know. First off I'd say it's a good game... but it does have problems. Luckily it removed alot of the stuff I couldn't handle in the past games, so I was able to play this without leaving in a huff. The game is very very easy in that you can't actually lose.... But that's not necessarily a bad thing, I'd say this game is perfect for anyone looking to get into games but don't want to have their nuts crushed the instant they have a go.

Another thing people disliked were the characters themselves, and I can't blame them really... It will depend on what your like (For example the main guy is a jerk face, but I am also a jerk face so we got along well). There is of course the undercurrent of romance.... But bad ubisoft, you are clearly terrible at writing romance... flirting does not equal love (This point becomes important because its why the ending is stupid). Interestingly what I thought was the best interaction between the characters is when you can 'choose' to catch the girl after you've jumped down form something.... It doesn't add anything to the game, but I thought the act looked sweet.

Now addressing the easiness of the game... It will be too easy for usual gamers, but I didn't mind so much as I knew what I was getting (Plus it didn't run so good on my pc, so the fact I couldn't die stopped me from rage quitting). The trouble of course with immortality is obstacles are no longer dangers, just time sinks.... As the game goes on it adds more and more, but all it does is slow you down... And there's alot of automatic moving and dangerous things that look like they can get you but never actually can.

If your just looking for a pretty platformer with little hassle, this will work just right.


Okay first one thing I liked that they should have done waaaaaayyyyy more. There's one boss that creates illusions and she kidnaps your girl and plunks down a bunch of copys, when you go near any of them they vanish. The idea is you have to make her do something only she would do.... which is funnily catch you as your falling to your death (I thought it was cool cause I was like.... Wait.... Time for a leap of faith). But that sort of interesting dynamic only happens once.... That is a wasted right there.

Ok so onto the ending. First of all if your gonna make a cinematic boss fight it is important you do nothing that can interrupt the flow of it. If I'm restarting because the game is doing something stupid I'll not be happy about it (Never, Never take the camera away form the player.... I'm just going to jump into walls and kill myself.... A fixed camera in a 3d platformer has never been a good idea, so dont do it).

At the end the dark god is resealed (It's a pretty generic storyline, nothing really special done with it) and all is well expect your girl is dead now.... sacrifice and all that. Now I was told the ending was stupid, but I wasn't quite prepared for how stupid it was. Basically the game forces you (Not in a cutscene, in the actual game) to release the dark god and bring her back to life. Now this is stupid because A. It voids the effort of the entire game B. She is not that likable.... She's nice but she knew what she was doing (and had already died once) and finally C. Your guy at no point does not strike me as the kind of guy that would do that.

I know it's sad that she didn't get the life she wanted (It's not really, poor writing and so on) but she'd already died.... Her time was up even before you met her. He'd clearly let go before (What with being a dashing rouge and so on) so there's no reason he couldn't do it again.

Worse thing is they released an epilogue as DLC, and I watched it (Not buying it, Ha) and it;s an even worse ending.... Not cool. Not cool.

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