Friday, 17 December 2010

Hype: Anime Winter 2011

Haha, I see what I did wrong folks. I jumped ahead a bit too far, as were still in the winter season.

Well it should hopefully be- OH GOD! It looks aweful!

Rio-Rainbow Gate

I.... Urgg..... It's an anime based on- I shit you not- a slot machine.

I dont even.... What the hell am I even supposed to say about that?

Starry Sky


Basically it's about a girl joining an all boys school. Because that's never been done.

Like 20 times already.

I know I rag on sometimes about anime being the same.... but it's things like this that really dont help.


Well you already know about this one.

It's unlikely that it'll be the target of my next Lets Watch, as I'd rather not stick to one franchise. It's funny to beat up on marvel but I got other fish to fry.

IS: Infinite Stratos

Seems to be about powerful exo-suits, that could be interesting-

Wait for it.

Seems only women can pilot them? Ok.... A bit weird but whatever-

Wait for it.

Women dominate the earth.... Well if there the only ones that can use the suits then-

Wait for it.

Oh, there's one guy who can pilot one of these suits so I guess-

Wait for it.

Ok, so he gets drafted and put in an all girls school to learn about piloting the exosuits-

Bam! It's a harem anime! Man that is one of the most round about ways of making a harem anime. Although it's a pretty crowded genre (Why is this a crowded genre?!) so you have to do some pretty nutty things to stand out.

Oh and if you don't know what a harem anime is.... I ENVY YOU! God.... I would love to go back to those days... Those days when things made sense and weren't really awkward.


This is interesting, not the show it self but what I thought of the manga.

It's a comedy one and for the most part it does that pretty well. But a funny thing happened, at one point it removed it's main premise (I imagine for character development?) but it became painfully clear that the whole story relied completely on this main premise. Without it it was terrible and generic.... and unfortunately the writer seems to be a big fan of pushing this terrible story angle to the front, even though it's been done before and way better.

I'd say a miss unless your a really dedicated anime viewer.


Oh my good god, another harem anime.... These are.... these are cancer.

Cardfight!! Vanguard

An anime made by the guys who did Yugioh and Duel monsters?

Ok, someone made a deal with satan, and I thank you good sir.


Ok, I'm not even putting a picture of this one.... cause... If someone found my blog because of this anime? I'm not sure i could live with myself.

Basically it's about a sister wanting to have sex with her brother.... really badly.... i just.... Why do you throw these at me japan? I am not catching that.


I.... I dont even.... What?

Man, my sister is going to have a f***ing fit when she finds out about this.

Haiyoru! Nyaruani
Ok, it's about a demon girl just kind... hanging around I guess? That's not too unusual... wait.... there's a bit more of the title? Let me just wipe that a bit-

Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft

She is an old one.


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