Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Lets Watch Ironman: Part 7

Computer: I refuse to believe that is milk.

Tony: Oh whatever, just cause I'm an alcoholic does not mean I only drink alcohol.

Computer: Ok, I guess I'm sorry-

Tony: I mean.... There is milk in this.... But it is mostly vodka.

(Bullshit Tony does not drink that much, just look at that drinks cabinet behind him! No way that is full of exotic fruit juice)

Tony: What the? What's Tan doing out in the rain? She could catch a cold- Holy shit her clothes are wet she'll need to get naked!

Tony: Tan! What are you doing out here? Rain is for poor people!


Tony: Oh Nooo! Date Rrrrrrraaaaapppppeeeee-



Tony: AHH! No headmistress! Don't molest me!

Tony: Urg.... God... Gonna need alot of Irish Car bombs to re-suppress that...

Tony: Tan! Wake up! Did you rape me?

Tan: What? No! We've just been kidnapped.

Tony: What? Why the hell not? Am I not hot enough for you?

Tony: Oh what the f*** is this shit?

???: We meet again Tony Stark.

Tony: Oh my god! It's you!.... That guy!

Yinsen: You.... don't remember who I am, do you?

Tony:..... No idea.

Yin: Hrmmm.... Anyway....

Yin: I am from Zodiac... without your little power core you wont live past the day.... but were giving you 24 hours to join us!

Tony: Ha! Like I'd ever join a terrorist group.... Now while I'm here, where is the booze?

Yin: What? This is a deserted island? There's no alcohol here.

Scorp2(On Radio): Yin! Sir!

Yin: What is it?

Scorp2: It's Tony! He's made a laser rocket launcher!

Yin: What? But there's only trash on this island... What is a laser rocket launcher?

Scorp2: It's a launcher that fires rockets that shoots lasers! Everywhere! Oh god he's found me!



Yin:... What the f***?

Tan:... Wow Tony.... you were amazing.... and you even managed to make a new small power reactor out of all that junk.

Tony: Well, I made the first one in a cave out of old missiles and a broken toaster... So it was easier this time round.

Tony: Tan.... I am sober right now.... so you know it's not the drink talking.... I want to be inside you.

Tan: Oh Tony.

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