Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 9

Trendy Guy: So how are we going to stop the pinball?

Minami: Nehehe, We'll use the M-1 to mess up its gyroscope!

Trendy:.... Why couldn't you just say that two episodes ago?

Minami: I wanted to show off! (actually says this)

Trendy: What?

Minami: This is our chance to become legends! It must be dramatic as possible!

Kogorr: Ha! I worked out that you need the kid to control this guy.... Now that I've-

Kogorr: Whoa, your tough little thing, anit ya? You know.... This fight has taught me alot about your people.... perhaps your not so bad... maybe we can live in peace....

Julie: Really?

Kogorr: Ha! No!

Julie: ARHHH!
Kogorr: Now.... to kill the rest of you....

Kogorr: What the? What's he doing?

Kogorr: Huh, so your red now? I don't see how that's-

Kogorr: BLRAG!

Kogorr: KLAGER!

Kogorr:.... I am prepared to discuss a draw.....

Kogorr: AH! MY FACE!

Julie: No Heroman! This isn't how Hero's fight!

Kogorr:.... Gerlg.... could you let go of my face now....?

Kogorr: Ha! Fool! Now die!

Kogorr: Oh that's not good....


Kogorr: Blerg... I... I lost.... What a humbling experience....

Kogorr: Everyone should die! I'll self destruct this base! HAHAHAHA!

Rooko: What the hell? Can he do that?!

Skurgg: Urr, yeah he kinda can...

Rooko: Oh that is retarded... Everyone out!

Psh: Holy shit we need to get out!
Denton: Hold on! We have to stop the pinball's first!

Denton: Ahha! That'll do!

Denton:..... I just realised.... I have no idea what to do....

Minami: Dramatic! Nehahaha!

Denton: Oh wait.... How did I miss this big red button?

Trendy: Oh hey, the pinball stopped without us doing anything....

Minami: But but but but... I.... I.... NOOOOOOO!

Kogorr:... R..... Rooko? Can.... Can you hear me?

Rooko: Yeah I'm here, Sir.

Kogorr: Heh... We had a... good run right?

Rooko:... I suppose so, Sir.

Kogorr:.... Where are you know?

Rooko: Me and the others escaped on the cornetto's, Sir.

Kogorr: Ah that's good.... And Rooko?

Rooko: What is it Sir?

Kogorr:.... I've rigged the cornetto's to explode as well.



Psh: Hurrah! Were alive! Somehow!

And so peace has once again returned to greenybluey...


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