Thursday, 6 May 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 6

Lina: Brother!

Evil Will: AHHH! Painful flashbacks! Damn you childhood!

Julie: Quick! Lets escape in here!

Skrugg:..... Shouldn't we like.... stop them?

Evil Nick (Green shirt): Oh yeah....

Evil Nick: We've got you now!

Evil Nick: Son of a-


Army: Sir? We shot more missiles at it but it didn't work... again.

General: What? If it didn't work the first time, then why try it a second time? Just send in the observation team!

Pilot: That's weird, we cant tell what its made of... Hmm? Seems to be doing something?

Pilot: OH F***

Julie: Something was odd about Will.... I think he was being mind controlled!

Psh: What? So you thought he was with them willingly at first? Your a jerk Julie.

Denton: I think I found something on the giant pinballs.

Psh: Finally.

Julie: Oh wait, don't I need to pedal on the generator?

Denton:... Nah I got some batteries.

Julie:.... Then why the f*** did you make me pedal last time?

Denton: Anyway it seems there all heading in a straight line.... and one of them.... is heading for the white house!

Psh:..... So?

Denton:.... To the white house!

Psh: It's just a building.... we have more of those.

Julie: I think.... When Heroman was fighting them it just wanted to go past him.... So maybe they don't have drivers?

Psh: So you thought they had drivers at first? That would be the most retarded-

Kogorr: Rooko! Contact the pinballs! I want to know the status of the drivers!

Rooko: What? I thought you said the pinballs weren't important?

Kogorr: Ha! I tricked you again!

Rooko: Eh.... Erg.... Well I can't contact them anyway Sir.

Kogorr: Why not?

Rooko: Well Sir, I don't know what you were thinking when you designed them... but the interior is attached to the sphere.... so it moves with it.

Kogorr: So...?

Rooko: Everyone inside is dead Sir.

Kogorr:..... They died as hero's.

Lina: I want to help to!

Psh: You can't, your useless.

Lina: What's that got to do with anything? Julies useless too.

Julie: Hey!

(If you remember that Julie is a guy, this shot is kinda gay)

Later that day...

Lina: I can't believe all that's happened-

Julie: Ur... I don't want to be rude... but.... what's that noise?

Skrugg 1: Ha! Found them! Crush!

(The cornetto then flips over for a little bit and tires to crush them repeatedly, its very silly)

Skrugg 2: What are you doing! We have lasers!

Skrugg 1: Orders from Kogorr! Were only allowed to use the rush function.

Skurgg 1: Nehahaha! Got em!

Skrugg 1: Aw, no f***ing-


Denton: Lets go team!

Watson: Sir, we may have a way of avoiding using Nukes.

President: Well? What is it?

Minami: I have the way Sir.... Neheheh.

President: Ah! Quick Watson! An alien has snuck in here! Shoot it!

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