Monday, 24 May 2010

Lets Watch Tokko: Part 1

Cultist: Look, just because you painted a rubix cube gold does not mean we'll be able to summon a demon...

Cultist: Holy shit! It worked!... and killed you... why are we doing this again?

Would you believe they summoned a demon of red paint and happiness? That... No wait, there's a body in that picture... damn.... Urrr.... Ok yeah they summoned a demon that proceeded to kill everyone.

Honestly, what sort of person considers it good judgement to summon something that's probably going to tear your head off? Will my question be answered?

Ha! Hell no, is this Tokko.... Killer of side plots....

Shindo: Oh god I don't want to die!

Shindo: Oh god now there's a naked chick with a sword.... and I have nothing witty to say!

Shindo: AHHH!.... God what a horrible dream... I got to find some pick up lines...

Kunikida: Welcome to Tokki police force... thing... What the hell do we do?
The Suit(Don't know his name): Urmm... It's poorly explained later on... but for now... were a group that looks into weird things!
Kuni:..... I hate all of you already.
Ichiro: But we've only just joined the force-
Kuni: Shut up and clean my shoes!

Kuni: What the f*** happened here? Bear get out of the zoo again?
Suit: Seems someone did it with their bare hands.... There's talk of heavy duty drugs being involved.
Kuni: Holy shit...
Suit: I know, if we-
Kuni: Where can I find some of that shit? I'll be the boxing champ!

Ichiro: Oh god.... I'm gonna be sick...
Kuni: Hey hey! No vomiting on the evidence! That's bad police work!
Shindo:... Hey... Do you guys hear something?

Policeman: Blargsdijgfvnjk/gdf-

(yes, that's the noise you make when that happens)

Kuni: Man, it's just gonna be a dog or something- Oh my god!

Kuni: Chav's! Shoot them!

Kuni: God damn it! Why do bullets never work in anime?!

Kuni:.... What the hell.... That is the worst acne I have ever seen...


Shindo: I don't want to die!.... Shit I still got nothing witty to say!

????: Someone hasn't played dead space.... The only way to kill them...

Sakura: Is to cut off their limbs.

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