Friday, 21 May 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 8

Julie: This is the grossest cave in I have ever been apart of.

Minami: Gentlemen! It's time to stop that pinball!

Trendy Guy: Urr, how are we going to do that?

Minami: Nehahaha... I'll tell you later.... For dramatic effect!

Psh: Sooo..... you have a plan, right?

Denton: What? Of course I do.

Psh: Cause if we just run around and achieve nothing in this episode.... That kinda makes us useless.

(Here's a hint, that is exactly what happens)

Rooko: It seems the white warriors been crushed Sir.

Kogorr: Good work! Stand up so I can congratulate you!

Rooko:..... I'm not falling for that...

Kogorr: Oh come on!

Psh: Remind me why I go anywhere with you?

Denton: Have you already forgotten?

Denton: Super Awesome weapon!

Skrugg: Ahh! Why would god allow you people music!

Julie: Huzzah! Were all alive... expect Nick... But screw that guy.

Julie: Ok, I need you to take your brother and get the hell out.

Lina: What? I can't leave you-

Julie: Look your brothers a freaky alien now, and he's also been stabbed alot.

Lina: When did that happen?

Julie: James cut those scenes cause he doesn't like Will.... And Lina?

Lina: Yeah?

Julie: He doesn't like you either, so f*** off.

Rooko: We seem to have more intruder's Sir.

Kogorr: Gah! I can't take this anymore! I'm going down there to kill them myself!

Psh: Haha! This is actually going really well!

Kogorr: So your the little F***ers!

Psh: And then I shat my pants....

Kogorr shows off his Skrugg karate.

Kogorr: I'll crush you with my bare hand!

Denton: Ha! Got you! Now Psh!

Kogorr:..... Are.... Are you playing music at me?

Denton:... Urr.... yeah.... it... usually paralyzes you guys...

Kogorr:... That's stupid..... I'm going to kill you now.

Psh: We are so boned...

Julie: Hey guys.

Psh: Not now Julie.... wait... Julie?

Kogorr: You! Your still alive?! I'm going to kill Rooko when this is over!

Rooko:..... I can still hear you Sir....

Kogorr:..... No you can't.

Kogorr: Enough games! I'll end this now!

Psh: Wh-what's he doing?

Mega Kogorr: RAAARRRR!

Psh: What the hell! He can fly?

Mega Kogorr: HAHAHAHA! Whats the matter?! Where's all that power now?!

Mega Kogorr: Now Diiiieeeeeerrrrrr- what?.... Oh yeah.... I forgot about your shield power...

Mega Kogorr: Well it matters not! You still can't catch- what?

Psh: What the f***? Since when does Julie have super speed?

Mega Kogorr: ARRRR!

Julie: Oh wow.... We actually beat him... Its finally over....

Julie: oh mY GOD!

Mega Kogorr: I'LL KILL YOU!

Julie: Ah! My spine!

Oh snap.

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