Thursday, 20 May 2010

Crazy Crazy Crazy

I need more things to make fun of....

No, actually there's plenty of stuff to make fun of... what I need is the motivation to do it. God how lazy am I?


Now I wasn't too sure of steam at first, like most of the pc crowed I'm sort allergic to installing anything foreign onto my computer. But as steam went into its Christmas sale I became a follower solely because I am a cheap bastard.

But today I saw something weird. Steam was actually selling strategy guides...



.... What?

Are you serious? This seems like something that will be solely marketed at stupid people. I mean I can understand why someone would buy a strategy guide from a shop.... I mean it's a physical book that tells you how to complete a game cause your too much of a puss- Ahaha.... No... No I've never understood why you would buy a strategy guide. Not that I'm saying I've never needed help with a game, or was just too lazy to work some things out.... But that's what the Internet is for.... free things.

I can only imagine what was going through the heads of the people behind these digital strategy guides.

"So..... Money right? We could use some?"
"Why don't we try the Internet? There's lots of money on there right?
"Dar durp durp"

This might have been a good idea say.... 20 years ago... But seriously? Wow, that takes some series ignorance to think that'll come away with any kind of profit.


Also today I went on a little quest to find the worst anime ever shown. Turns out it's not easy because you have to have a pretty strict requirements, for example if there aimed at children then you can't fault them too much for being silly.

I got to thinking about this after reading about a certain anime which is regarded by anime fans (Remember these people are capable of watching some of the most bizarre crap ever) as the worst thing ever. Of course I watched it to see if it’s true.

I think it’s a little unfair to say it’s the worst anime ever. Don’t get me wrong however, it is terrible. More than once I laughed out loud and just said to myself “what the f***?”. But the reason I’m not quick to declare it the worst anime ever is because it is simply a 1 episode OVA. For those of you who don’t know OVA’s are like little projects of anime, the longest ranging to like 6 episodes. So immediately you know this piece of trash has a low budget with no aspirations of achieving anything.

To give you an idea the OVA is called Mars of Destruction, it is only 20 mins long but it attempts to go through an introduction, two action scenes, basic character development all leading up to a big plot twist. The story is basically the bed rock for a couple of anime’s actually, just stripped of everything that could be good, and there’s a dark humour in there.... basically saying that alot of anime is not far away from being just this.

I think the worst anime ever basically has to cause you to die violently.

Anime (Again)

Me and my friends have now watched 160 episodes of Yugioh and while we have gained a profound tolerance to brain rot, I think cracks are beginning to show. I would not be surprised if one of us died at the end of this ordeal.


Been trying to record myself playing through some games. So far my only successful attempt has been the first clock tower game, although I have yet to add all the videos to the Internet. One of the reasons I'm falling behind with that is because of lazyness, but there's actually two other legitimate problems.

One is the fact that I'm using fraps and that takes up a f*** ton of space on my little laptop, so I can only have so many videos at a time. The other reason is that there are simply too many games in this world. See I've found that when I'm spoilt for chose I tend to snap and not do anything, more then once I've bought a pile of games and only actually played one of them. If it's a new game I usually finish it, which is odd.... cause on the one hand I miss certain games from the past.... but on the other it's easy to notice how far we've come and just how... easy it is now to just sit back and have fun without alot of the hassle.

It's not that I don't like or can't play any old games.... it's just sometimes I'm really not bothered to deal with it's poor controls or terrible graphics. As much as I hate to admit it, I have trouble playing old games that have bad graphics... Its just... I can't go back to those days.

Anime (Yes Again)

I'm considering doing another let's watch series. Mostly because I do enjoy doing them and there not really that hard to set up. I mean anyone can do it (If you have a good sense of humor like me). Of course the only drawback of doing this is the fact I won't be able to cover any other airing series.... cause they all suck.

It's just a much better experience if I'm actually enjoying the series I'm gonna make fun of.


Do you watch Dr.Who? Of course I watch it, don't be absurd. It's a great and fun series. But whenever I'm watching it there's this little nagging voice at the back of my head.

Where is the villain?

This isn't a new problem for Dr.Who, the whole show is basically one big monster of the week. But with this new series I keep thinking like there really should be some sort of big bad guy... Someone who slaps the Doctor around every once and awhile. Cause the trouble is this new Doctor seriously doesn't have anyone to contend with.

The daleks are as terrifying as always, but there pretty much the big monster of the series.... there not really suited for going toe to toe against the Doctor at his own game.

The master has always been a good candidate for this role, but I doubt we'll be seeing him again anytime soon. His story's still to fresh you see, need put it away and let it simmer.

The current problem with the Doctor is that he appears to be his own villain, which is a bit too overdramtic. The focus of the series lately seems to be about the Doctors roguish and frankly selfish nature catching up with him. And don't say he's not cause he totally is, its one of the reasons we like him. It's interesting cause the doctor seems to be totally addicted to facing dangerous problems, which he wasn't always... Back in the day when he was older he loved a good challenge but took a calm pace about it (sometimes), these days he's pinging off the walls for adventure (Which makes sense, cause he physically grows younger, so why not mentally as well?).

What a Doctor needs is a problem he can't solve.... because someone is stopping him.... I really feel like that's the only thing missing from the show at the moment.

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