Thursday, 13 May 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 7

Minami: Nehehe, yes, I say don't use nukes.

President: That's nice... you gonna tell me why?

Minami: Nehhehe, in a moment for dramatic effect.

Psh: Oh good job Denton, you've lead us to a dead end.

Denton: Ok first, you guys are jerks... and second, look at this!

Psh: So you want us to walk through the probably caved in sewers? Great plan.

Denton: They'll never see it coming!

Kogorr: So how goes the mind controlling?

Rooko: Well it's kinda tricky Sir, since they have pretty erratic emotions there's no guarantee for full control.

Kogorr: What a barbaric people!

Rooko: .... I don't even know how that's supposed to make sense.

Kogorr: Subject 01 and 02..... How's your day been?

Evil Will: Not great.... I'm having an identity crises... I'm not even sure-

Evil Nick: It's awesome!

Minami: See, what we should do.... is steal the indescribable pinball so America stays no.1 forever!

Preisdent: Ok.... how are we supposed to do that?

Minami: Nehahah, I'll tell you later...... For more dramatic effect!

Heroman concludes that, yes, he does prefer spiders over humans.

Denton: Found it!

Denton: Ok so long as we all stick to the plan nothing should-

Lina: I'm going with Julie!

Denton: What? No!

Psh: Just let her go.... she's a stupid bitch.

Rooko: Sir, the white warriors in our base.

Kogorr: Ahha! Time to teach him a lesson!

Rooko:.... You mean, attack him right?

Kogorr:.... Yes!


Julie: Well this is- Whja?

Julie: Are those... his eyebrows? Ok that is super weird.

Julie: Wow, I do run away alot, don't I?

Lina: I'm helping!

Kogorr: Huh.... I only just noticed that kid with the shield powers.

That's right. He's using his eyebrows to whip Heroman.

There is no way to make that funny.

Julie: Oh god please don't kill me Will!

Julie: Oh wow, that went well.... glad that's over-

Julie: Oh god!

Lina: Why are you doing this!

Evil Nick: Urrr, cause it sucked as a human? I got like super strength and whip eyebrows now. I mean come on!

Kogorr: I see the mind control wasn't perfect after all!

Rooko: I told you that.... It was already really unstable with the helmets on and-


Kogorr: Shut up! You've failed me for the last time Rooko!

Rooko:..... Sir.... That wasn't me.... That was Moorve.

Kogorr: What? Really? Damn it, you all look alike.... ok which ones you?

Rooko: What? I'm not going to tell you! You just tired to kill me!

Julie: Oh god Nick just got crushed!

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