Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lets Watch Tokko: Part 2

In 2006 a terrible cast of characters were sent to prison by a writers court for a crime they committed. These people promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Tokyo underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem (with Monsters), if no one else is bothered to help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire-

Kuni: You are not the A-Team!

Kureha: What? But we got like a truck and everything.

Kuni: OK, first, you weren't using it.... some weird hazmat team came out of it and took all the freaky evidence... and second!

Kuni: Are.... Are you like.... wearing anything at all?

Kure: Not really.

Kuni:... Ok.... I guess I'll be going then.... I think...

Shindo: So... hey... My names Shindo... *Oh god, quick think of something witty to say*.... I'll cya later.... *god damn it*

Sakura:.... Kay....
Suit: Yep, just as you thought Sir, all the evidence of those... face monster parasite things is gone... You really should of tried questioning more about what they were-

Kuni: Ah Ah Ah! I saw a little nipple! That conversation was gonna go nowhere.

Ichiro: So that pink haired girl is the one from your crazy dream?

Shindo: Yeah... She looked just like her.... oh yeah, I got to ask.... How are you alive? I saw one of those monsters backhand you across the stairs and over a railing?

Ichiro:... I.... I don't know... Well how come your alive? We saw them rip off limbs? Why was he choking you really slowly?

Shindo: I don't know... It's like were being guided by someone with no idea of what continuity is.

Kuni: Ok, what we got this time?

Officer: Urmm... It appears to be unkillble super hobo's.

Kuni: Huh, I thought as much.

Officer: What the f- no way is that regulation gear.

Kuni: See, this is why you should fill out the paper work...

Kuni: Hahahahahaha!

Zombie hobo: Errggee.... We want aid.... Ereger..

Kuni: No aid for you!

Kure: Saved the day!

Kuni: Damn it!

Shindo:.... What the hell is going on?

Shindo is confused because I have cut out so much from this and the last episode. The reason is because alot of it is totally unnecessary, there's a whole f***ing scene of Shindo going back to his childhood home to brood, literally nothing else happens. For those of you actually interested in the story (What is wrong with you?) I'll give a brief summary of the things I've skipped.

-Shindo's sister, while you'd think would be a main character is not. The reason being that main characters effect the overall plot... Shindo's sister has zero impact. Plus there's this whole brother X Sister thing going on that I am not touching with a ten foot pole (WTF is wrong with you japan?)

-For those of you who haven't guessed, Tokko is a secret group that fights monsters. This doesn't make any sense for a large number of reasons, the main one being that they seem to want to hide the existence of monsters. That's bullshit, sure there would be a slight panic, but you know what else there would be? A monster hotline (Tokko are basally looking for the big demon that's possessing all these people and turning them into zombies). Finally these monsters are not subtle... they literally rip people to pieces... and frequently... bullshit no one would notice, or that some of the police wouldn't mention it to anyone else.

-As for Shindo, he's a survivor of the first demon incident, but his parents and neighbours were not. He frequently has nightmares about that day... and I've started to find them funny, because screw Shindo. For some reason the zombies yell at him and say there gonna kill him.

That's basically the key points, there's a bunch of other stuff but it literally adds nothing other then wasted screen time.

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