Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 5

Denton: Well, don't know about you but I'm going home.

Rooko: Sir... Me and some of the men have been talking... and... We feel you've become overly obsessed with something you only saw like five minuets ago.

Kororr: Be silent! This.... White warrior is strong.... But he can not defeat us! I must think on a new plan to get rid of him...

Rooko: What about all those pinballs you realised? Aren't you gonna do something with them?

Kogorr: Hmm? The what?

Rooko: The... The giant pinballs! You've just sent them rolling across the country side.... aren't you gonna do something else with them?

Kogorr: Quit living in the past! Think of the bigger picture!

Rooko: I-eh.... I need to take my medicine.

Green: Oh god, I hope they don't anally probe us.

Skurgg: Silence probe specimen!

Will:.... Please tell me that's not the anal probe.

Denton: Ok Julie, ride this thing for me so I can watch the news!

Psh: Why the hell do you have your own generator?

Denton: Electricity is expensive!

Reporter: Oh my god... An entire army is coming out of their ship! Once I go home I'll be rich and famous!

News Lady: I'm sorry we seem to have lost contact... something about melting flesh or something.

Julie: We'd better do something about that army.

Psh: Huh? What about the giant pinballs that are killing people? The Skrugg army's not doing anything yet, surely we should do something about the pinballs first?

Denton: I got something to help you!

Psh: Oh thank-

Denton: Against the Skurgg army!

Psh: God damn it!

Psh:.... Denton... What is that?

Denton: I used some of that alien tech on this guitar to make it a weapon!

Psh:.... Denton that is a guitar with a speaker duct taped to the bottom...

Denton: No see it's brilliant I've worked out that the aliens must contact each other through high pitch sounds! So that means they must hear a wider range of noises!

Psh: What are you a professor in? Bullshit?

Julie and Heroman engage in some guerrilla warfare, killing 14 in total.... out of thousands.... good job guys.

Psh: Holy shit how is this working!

Skrugg: Oh god! Your terrible! I can't live in a world where god would let someone like you play music!

(Yes, he actually complains they use the terrain... What?)

Rooko: Sir, it seems that white things appeared again.

Kogorr: Time to fight fire with fire... Begin my super plan!

Rooko:.... You gonna tell me what the plan is?

Kogorr:...... No.

Julie: Lina? What the hell are you doing here?

Lina: I was looking for my brother.

Julie: Oh that's cute- Look this is seriously dangerous, you can't be here.

Lina: It'll be fine as long as you protect me!

Julie: What? No.... That's the opposite of safe... I attract lasers and hate for no reason. Don't you think it's monstrously unfair to basically put me on the spot like this? What if the pressure of protecting you gets me killed?

Lina:..... Pleeeeease.

Psh: This plot is retarded!

Julie: Oh well, whats the worst thing that could happen.

Julie: Oh god lasers!

Julie: Quick! Run away through the subway!

Julie: Oh god damn it.
Psh: Great, were surrounded.

Lina: I'm helping!

Julie: So.... What are you like the gay Skrugg?

(What I don't understand is why Heroman doesn't just grab the weapon when the guy tires and blocks, and punch him with his left hand)

Dun dun dun!
Julie: OhMyGod!

Evil Will: Ah-ha! Surprised!

Julie: What? Oh no... It was really obvious... Just.... Wow..... How many shows are we ripping off right now?

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