Monday, 5 April 2010

Magic The Gathering: New Rules

Ok, I know what your thinking.

But hear me out.

Shut up.

Alright, if it wasn't clear before it should be now... I like card games! I blame yugioh for rekindling my love of the game in all it's forms, so I went back and got my old decks and showed them to my friends. They all agreed, they were piss annoying. Seems I have a natural talent of making decks that are just really irritating, they don't win me the game but my foe's curse my name as they sleep.... and that's a kind of victory.

Anyway, to the point. To those of you who know the card game Magic, I have a special treat for you. Now the normal game is fun, but I get bored very easily.... so sometimes I need to mix things up a little... by that I mean I make up new rules. So if you do play magic and are your looking to try some new ways to play, here you go-

Soul Card Rules

*Decks need to be exactly 60 cards in total. You can change the max size of the deck however you want, but all players must have the same size deck.

*Pick a card, which from now on will be called your Soul Card (My friends and I sometimes like to call it the King or Emperor card). Usually you should pick a legend to be your Soul Card, if you don't have any legends then either somehow mark the card out or remove all copies of it from your deck.

*Now your Soul Card has some new abilities, the main one being you can cast it for free. That's right, on turn one if its in your hand you can just play it. Why do I have this rule? Because funnily enough you might not want to play it. Now whenever your Soul Card would be exiled or put in your graveyard for whatever reason, instead its shuffled into your deck. So effectively your Soul Card will remain in the game no matter what.

*Now you need to leave space for a new exiled pile.

*When ever you lose life, for every 1 point of life you lose reveal the top card of your deck and put it in the new exiled pile. Whenever you gain life for every 1 point of life you gain take a card from this new exiled pile and shuffle it back into your deck (If you have no cards left in the new exiled pile, then gaining life does nothing). Gaining life does not negate damage (I.E If you took 4 damage then gained 4 life you'd still lose four cards from the top of your deck first).

*You lose the game when either you run out of cards from your deck, or your Soul Card is discarded from your deck via damage (The soul card can not be the target of spells and abilities from your opponents while it is in your deck).

Your probably thinking, wow that means I basically have 60 life right? -WRONG. The fun of this game is the fact that you could literally be taken out at any moment. That 1 damage you used to laugh at? Now it might kill you. That 40 damage combo your opponent just flew your way? There's a chance you'll live through that now. The game becomes incredibly tense, and a bit of luck and balls are needed to see you through it (One time I could've blocked 20 damage, but I trusted my deck and just took it and lived).

This is why you might not play your Soul Card for free, unless your against a discard deck your hand is usually the safest place for it. If you play your Soul Card and it gets killed, well you've just put yourself in a heap of trouble. But at the same time if your deck gets hit too much then it might cripple your entire strategy.

Some cards take on new and horrifying meanings, like the devastating lose half your life spells. Yep, that means you'll lose half your deck (But you can't lose because of this, your Soul Card would just shuffle back into your deck). Mill decks are arguably overpowered now (Still discard your deck via abilities won't lose you the game) so you'll have to decide yourself wither you'll allow them or not.


*All players must each have two 60 card decks.

*Each player begins with 20 life and one of the decks.

*The game plays normally expect with one new ability.

*During a players untap step he may declare a 'Tag'. The game then enters the 'Tag' Phase.

*Spells and Abilities can not be played during the 'Tag' phase (any instants must be played before the player declares a tag, any instants played during the tag phase are destroyed and have no effect).

*First count the number of cards in your hand, the number of lands you have on the field, and the converted mana cost of all cards you have in play. Shuffle all these cards back into your deck.

*Swap the first deck out with your second deck.

*Look through the second deck until you find the same number of lands the other deck had out in play.

*Add X to your manapool equal to the total converted mana of the permanents that were 'swapped out'. During the 'tag' phase mana in your manapool counts as all five colours. You may then 'place' permanents from your deck onto the field using this mana. Any mana not used this way disappears.

*Shuffle your deck, then draw X cards, where X is the number of cards the other decks hand had.

*Permanents with abilities that read 'when comes into play' do not activate, due to the fact that they were swapped in and not 'played'.

*All Creatures that are swapped in gain summoning sickness for that turn.

*Each player has only one graveyard, and cards from it do not get shuffled back into your deck during a tag.

*Any permanents on your side of the field that do not belong to that deck are destroyed during the tag phase.

It might be pretty confusing at first, but basically all your doing is swapping your two decks places. This creates a half-mad game, because half the time its going on like you'd expect.... then someone Tags and all hell breaks loose, usually resulting in everyone else tagging as well. This game can easily create turn winners, but for the casual player there alot of fun just to mess around with.

You've probably already noticed that some card types are great in this mode, while others have been crippled, have fun trying them out.

True Two Headed Giant

*Each player must have a 60 card deck. The players then separate into two teams of two. (To make the game less confusing, each player should use a different coloured deck, you'll see why)

*Shuffle your deck into your partners deck to create a team deck. (Yes I'm serious)

*Each team starts with 40 life.

*All players draw seven cards from their team deck.

*During Each players upkeep he may look at his partners hand and trade one of his cards for one of theirs.

Basically what happens is a cluster f***. There are two reasons for making the decks different colours, the first is because it'd be pointless to use say two black decks... why not use a 120 black deck all the time instead? (it takes the fun out of it basically). The other reason is so it's easier to spilt them up afterwards.

Every turn your left with a choice, do you try to stick to a mono colour? Or do you embrace your partners deck and try to use his cards.


*First you need 800 cards (Don't give me that look, its not that hard to get).

*Shuffle the f*** out of them.

*Try to get ahold of about 50 land cards to create a separate pile. (Unequal number of colours for best result)

*Take a random pile out of the 800 cards, this is now the deck.

*Place the deck and the land deck on the field.

*Each player has 10 life.

*Each player draws seven cards from the deck.

*Every turn (Including the first one) each player may either draw from the deck or the land deck.

*After every game shuffle the 800 cards and choose a new deck at random.

This one.... is....


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